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This is cool: WorshipMusic.com has a page devoted to the CDs of worship leaders. Take a look.

And now, some of my favorite worship leaders. Email me if you have any suggestions, and check back periodically for more listings.

Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche has written or co-written some of the most popular choruses of our time ("Open the Eyes of My Heart," "Above All.") So has his talented wife, Rita ("I Will Celebrate.") This useful website has soundclips as well as free downloadable chord charts.

Vicky Beeching

This young UK female worship leader is writing excellent songs. She also plays a mean electric guitar.

Geron Davis

Geron holds the distinction of being the only worship songwriter that's had a song recorded by Barbara Streisand! (stop and think for a moment how weird that is!) He's written so many excellent songs, including "In the Presence of Jehovah" and "Holy Ground."

Kirk and Deby Dearman

You really have to admire someone who has a worship song consistently in CCLI's top 25. Kirk Dearman is one of those people, and his song "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise" has been at the top of the chart for years. I had the pleasure of knowing Kirk and his wife Deby when they lived in Nashville, and found them to be a very talented and sincere couple.

Interestingly enough, the popular, upbeat "Sacrifice" is actually atypical of their musical output. Much of their material is meditative, Celtic and even medieval (tin-whistle lovers will enjoy the soundclip "EvenSong" at their website.)

Take a look at their site and learn about their "Come to the Quiet" worship gatherings held across the US and Europe. If you need a moment of calm in your hectic schedule, order their beautiful CD.

Lynn DeShazo

Lynn is the writer of the classic praise song "More Precious Than Silver." Read how she was inspired to write the song, order CDs and locate her songs on recordings with the Song Finder.

Jeff Deyo

The former lead singer of SonicFlood is solo now. Somebody talked him into making a graphics heavy website, so be forewarned. And once you go in, you can't go out!

Brian Doerksen

Brian has written some incredibly popular choruses, including "Come, Now is the Time to Worship." His well designed website features free chord chart downloads (sometimes), songwriting tips, articles and a song catalogue.

John G. Elliot

John became known as a worship songwriter with Steve Green's hits "Embrace the Cross" and "I Call You to Praise."

Joel Engel

This popular, up-and-coming worship leader is behind that massively successful Spin worship CDs.

Bob Fitts

What a nice guy... I heard him speak at an Integrity Worship Conference. Bob has written the popular song "Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty."

Billy Foote

Billy has written the popular praise song "You Are My King." I especially like Phillips, Craig and Dean's version on their "Let My Words Be Few" recording. Learn more about this writer at his website and order CDs and a songbook.

Rick Founds

Have you ever heard the song "Lord I Lift Your Name On High?" I don't think there's a Christian on the planet who hasn't! Rick Founds wrote it, along with some other classics like "Jesus, Draw Me Close" and "Jesus, Mighty God."

Rick is a great, normal guy (I'm happy to find there are still some good people in Christian music, most of them found in the praise and worship world!) I ordered one of his custom CDs a few years ago and struck up a little friendship with him. I had a chance to meet him once in Los Angeles where he leads worship at a local church. Check out his website and learn more about the author of one of the most popular Christian songs of all time.

Steven Fry

This prolific writer / worship leader has penned favorites like "Abba Father" and "Oh, the Glory of His Presence." He wrote a worship musical years ago called "Thy Kingdom Come" before worship was the flava of the moment. I thought it was absolutely the coolest thing. Unfortunately the CD's out of print, but his website says more will be coming.


Hillsongs Church in Australia is literally crawling with worship leaders! Like Darlene, Reuben Morgan, and... oh I just can't keep track of 'em all. Darlene wrote a song called "Shout to the Lord."

Tim Hughes

After Matt Redman [see below] came Tim Hughes, with his mega-popular world-wide smash "Here I Am To Worship." Ever heard of it?

Dennis Jernigan

Dennis is the author of the worship standard "You Are My All in All." Learn about his life and ministry at his website.

Bob Kilpatrick

Bob wrote the classic worship song "In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified." Visit his website for articles, bio, soundclips and touring info.

Lenny LeBlanc

Did you know that Lenny co-wrote the worship song "Above All" with Paul Baloche? And before he became a Christian, Lenny co-wrote one of the most popular secular radio singles ever? Check out his website to learn more about this interesting songwriter.

Mercy Me

The number one worship band has done it again. Following the wild success of "I Can Only Imagine" comes their latest #1 single "Spoken For." Look for free chord charts (click "Chords & Lyrics"), participate in discussion boards and find out where they're playing next.

Don Moen

Don Moen is a talented songwriter and worship leader, not to mention the Executive Vice President of Integrity Music. He's written many congregational staples including "God Will Make a Way" and "Mighty Is Our God." Check out his website for tour info, bio, song inspiration articles and video clips.

Parachute Band

The most popular worship band in New Zealand. Well, maybe they're the only worship band in New Zealand. I love their stuff.

Matt Redman

He was the first of the new wave of UK worship leaders with his top songs "Heart of Worship," "Blessed Be Your Name" and many others. He's now writinge best-selling worship devotional books.

Michael W. Smith

As of late, Michael has been morphing from CCM artist to worship leader. He's been accused of selling out to the latest worship craze, but that's not true -- Michael has been involved with worship from the beginning of his career. I remember hearing him lead worship over 15 years ago at Belmont church in Nashville. And from his first recording came the worship staple "Great is the Lord." Check out his website for bio, tour dates, news and online membership.

Sonic Flood

Didn't they start all this a few years ago? The first band to bring worship to the forefront of popular taste. They've had so many different members I've lost track.

Third Day

This band is known for the popular worship songs "King of Glory" and "Your Love O Lord." Check out their site for boards, journals, screen savers and desktop backgrounds.

Chris Tomlin

The king of American worship, Chris is part of the Passion music/conference group, and has written many popular songs including "How Great is Our God," "Indescribable," "Holy is the Lord," "We Fall Down" and "Forever." Visit his website for tour dates, song downloads, CD store and articles.

Dick & Mel Tunney

Remember the power vocal trio First Call? Mel Tunney from the group now leads worship with her keyboardist husband, Dick, in churches across the country. They wrote many popular inspirational hits in the 80's and 90's, including "How Excellent Is Thy Name," "In His Presence" and "Seekers of Your Heart." They're two of the nicest, most talented people in Nashville. Check out their soundclips and order a CD or two.

Paul Wilbur

He's known for Messianic worship.

Tommy Walker

Tommy has written many popular choruses, including "There's No Greater Love Than Jesus," "He Knows My Name" and "Lord I Believe In You." Order charts, CDs, read his bio and read an excerpt from his new songwriting book, "Songs From Heaven."

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