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The link of the year! I've been expecting something like this for a long time - a free looping background website along the lines of still image free sites like Flickr. I found it! It's called ReelWorship.com, and specializes in free looping background videos for worship! It's created by the people who do FreeFoto.com. I counted over 40 free looping video backs.

Sure, it might not be IgniterMedia.com, but hey, it's free, and it's not too bad - especially if you're just starting to build a looping library.

Start here, with the links in the right corner - like "Candle." The site can be a little buggy and I had to click the link several times in order for all the download links to be available.

There are 12 candle downloads, each one with an mpeg4 version and an mpg version. You want the mpg version for your looping background. Have fun! I'm sure this website will be bandwidth heavy, especially since I've announced this link. So if it overloads and crashes, wait a few hours or a day : )
Free video at FaithVisuals.com
Free video at MotionWorship.com
Like to create your own videos for worship? You might find some useable stuff at FreeStockFootage.com. Movie Archive has some cool old newsreel footage.
Thinkerlabs.ca has 14 free video and graphics downloads, meant to be used as sermon starters and themes.
2 video backgrounds from Waystock.com
Download 8 looping video backgrounds from AnimalProductions.com
Check out MeatLoafMedia.com. They have a free video.
Free videos from EmergingMinister.com
Learn how to get pro results with Windows Movie Maker.
WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffith suggests this link with several downloadable mission-themed CCM music videos from artists like Travis Cottrel, Scott Wesley Brown, Audio Adrenaline and Rebecca St. James. From the International Mission Board.
Download 9 video clips from Essentials! And here's another one on the 10 Commandments! Requires free registration.
Looping video 1 | Looping video 2
from Digital Hotcakes. WorshipMax subscribers get $10 off any volume - see the discount page.
Looping video background
from animationfactory.com - cool for announcements!
Video download
a new one each month from SuiteImagery.com.
Letters from War
Download this video of the Mark Schultz hit - it'll put a lump in your throat! Get the Quicktime (high quality) version and use it for Veteran's Day.
Downloadable video from Essentials
Essentials, a video wing of the SBC, has two free downloadable video clips - one about the armor of God, another is a man-on-the-street interview. Look on the left side of the page.
Download 2 excellent video loops from Sony
Use this in worship presentation software like EasyWorship, MediaShout, etc. I like "Heaven in Motion" and "Metal Screen." If you're interested, get them right now! Sony is so squirrely - you never know if the link will be up tommorrow! Thanks again to Gary Griffeth for the link!
Midnight Oil clips
They send out a newsletter every so often with a link to a free download - sign up for it at this link. I've got several free video clips in the past that I've actually used in church at Christmas and Easter.
He Has Put a New Song in My Mouth
WorshipMax background and matching image for bulletin with video clip.
Twinkling Christmas Star
I used this excellent animation all during the Christmas season, right in PowerPoint. From ChurchMedia.net.
HighwayVideo clip "Pottery Hands"
Plus idea for using it in your service.
WorshipFilms "Clouds" and "Mountain Water"
Use these video clips for worship backgrounds for your song lyrics (only works with programs like MediaShout and EasyWorship, NOT PowerPoint) plus MoreWorshipIdeas subscribers receive an exclusive 15% off any WorshipFilms.com order. I still use them myself as backdrops for special music in PowerPoint.
Download a split track and choreography video for "My Redeemer Lives."
Hurricane Katrina videos
2 free Hurricane Katrina themed videos from theworkofthepeople.com
Another Katrina hurricane video from G3worship.com
Get a free video clip by registering at ArtBeats.com.
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