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How-To Guide 1: Using Loops in Worship - A 6 page step-by-step guide on using Acid loops in worship, from creation to including them in your worship flow. Plus, learn how to edit background tracks for worship in Acid Pro 4.0!
How-To Guide 2: 10 Steps to Writing Great Worship Songs - A 7 page guide to writing and recording worship songs that work.
How-To Guide 3: Easy Background Graphics for Worship Projection - You can do this, and it's fun to boot!
How-To Guide 4: Editing Audio Tracks for Worship - this 4 page PDF download will give you tips on editing your worship tracks using the free Audacity audio editor.
How-To Guide 5: Easy Background Graphics for Worship Projection Part 2 - this 3 page PDF download will show you how to create a smooth, even image from a Google image search.
Spice up your slides: Learn how to add some pizzaz to your worship background images.

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