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logged in Sunday, July 05

Remember, get what you can when you can on the Internet - you never know when a great, free video or song link might vanish. Some of these links may have expired.

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LINKS 03.11.08

Great for Palm Sunday! Free palm branch video loop background!

Free background video from eleven72.com

Using DADGAD tuning in Praise and Worship music

Here I am to worship - piano lesson

Free Easter sheet music from WorshipTogether.com

NEWS 03.11.08

Barna: New Statistics on Church Attendance and Avoidance

The passion of the Rices, a literary mother-son team. This is an interesting USAToday article about Anne Rice, author of Interview With A Vampire, who returned to Christianity a few years ago.

Revoicing the Hymns: A conversation with Don Hustad

Congregation worships after fire

Conference speaker Steve Bowersox has some vocal training DVDs

LINKS 03.04.08

Guitar chord calculator

Free "bumper" video from WorshipHouseMedia

Freebie from Sermonspice.com: Follow the Cross

Freebie video from SermonVideos.com

Praise & worship tutorial video podcast - selecting songs - very good

NEWS 03.04.08

Setting the Bar Higher: Student Worship

Worship band Delirious?: Jon Thatcher, bass player

Old hymns are new again at Highland Park United Methodist Church

Larry Norman, 60, was Christian rock pioneer

LINKS 02.26.08

Free music video to use with band/vocalists

Two free Good Friday Services

Drum workshop video on YouTube from Hillsong

ProSoundWeb.com - good website for tech/sound

Indescribable guitar workshop on YouTube with Chris Tomlin

Free Scripture song download

Christians's guide to using MySpace and Facebook

Heart Attitudes for the Worship Team MP3 tutorial

NEWS 02.26.08

Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

The Annual Easter Challenge: Finding fresh ways to tell an old story

Christian hackers attack MySpace page

Old hymns are new again at Highland Park United Methodist Church

Something new from Integrith: WorshipFlex

LINKS 02.19.08

10 background sets for sermons and lyrics

Free background stills from digitalseedsower.org

Free "bumper" video that you can add your own logo - from Igniter

Free still background from ImageVine.com

NEWS 02.19.08

WorshipFilms.com has just released Complete Easter - videos based on HymnCharts.com Easter arrangements.

Rick Warren’s 12 Insights on Worship

Barna: Americans Embrace Various Alternatives to a Conventional Church Experience as Being Fully Biblical

LINKS 02.12.08

20 really nice background stills!

Freebies at Chris Tomlin's WorshipFrequency.com

Free worship magazine - real paper, not the Internet!

Worship keyboard tutorial at YouTube

NEWS 02.12.08

Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know

Baptist Church Leads the Way in Deaf Ministry

LINKS 02.05.08

Check out the worship backgrounds pool at Flickr: 603 beautiful, useable still backgrounds!!!!

Free still backgrounds from FloodgateProductions.com (bottom of page)

LINKS 01.29.08

Download my new mix of "Journey to the Cross" along with a chord chart and use it for worship during the weeks leading up to Easter. WorshipFilms.com is working on a video for it. If you signed up for ChristmasWorshipIdeas.com, your same login will work.

Free minimovie from fourtyonetwenty.com: Anything But Silent. Use code free4120

New free video from WorshipHouseMedia.com

9 free still backgrounds from WorshipSpot.com

LINKS 01.22.08

Nice! 4 free still backgrounds from the new website, Readyworship.com.

Free MP3 and chord chart for "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" as sung by Chris Rice.

Free song download: Charlie Hall's popular "Marvelous Light"

Worship media guru Greg Atkinson has compiled a list of HD media resources.

PicFindr searches the web for stock photography that is completely free to use commercially.

NEWS 01.22.08

Barna: Americans Describe Their Moral and Social Concerns,
Including Abortion and Homosexuality

What changes and new technologies will the coming year bring?

LINKS 01.15.08

Over 100 Scripture slides for worship projection!

free stills from ChristianImageLibrary.com. Some Easter pics.

2 free election-themed videos from ImageVine.com [scroll to bottom]

free SermonSpice video

free worship quotes countdown from WorshipHouse

NEWS 01.15.08

The latest on American Idol contestant & worship leader Chris Sligh at my blog

LINKS 01.08.08

Exclusive: Graphics4Worship.com offers these Easter images to WorshipMax subscribers! 4 background stills, 4 motion backs. You have to register for free to get them.

Free video back from Igniter

Free mini-movie from fortyonetwenty.com - use code free4120

Sermonade.com has a bunch of free videos and stills - check them out if you haven't recently. I think they've redone their website.

NEWS 01.08.08

Barna: Is American Christianity Turning Charismatic?

LINKS 01.03.08

There's not much going on this week - couldn't find any new downloads as most companies are still getting back from the holidays.

Easter's coming soon this year - March 23. I'm working on some new resources:

>I'll soon have a new website ready for a 40 day Easter devotional guide called Journey to the Cross. It's something you can use with small groups or entire congregations, and is based on the song Journey to the Cross that I wrote with Tim Light (you'll be able to download an MP3 and chord chart for free.

>EasterWorshipIdeas.com will be a new website featuring links to Easter resources on the Internet.

>I'm once again collaborating with WorshipFilms.com on an Easter music video like Integrity's iWorship.

A few links this week of interest:

Links to help inspire you to create a church website

Article about editing video

10 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid the Culture War

LINKS 12.18.07

Winter video background from FaithVisuals.com

Winter countdown from Igniter

NEWS 12.18.07

What would Jesus buy?

Emotional return to NewLife

Seven ways to keep Christmas guests

Christmas Brings Electric Gift Giving Ideas

iPod hymnbook cover! This is hilarious!!!!

LINKS 12.04.07

Exclusive! Download a free Christmas looping video back from Organic Videos! They have really nice Christmas graphics and I really like their stuff! Check them out at WorshipHouseMedia.com - look for Organic Videos under the producer list. Here's their website: OrganicVideos.com

Last week I mentioned Mark Condon's new website. He has a free song that can work at Christmas. Mark is a composer who, like myself, wants to make the break from major publishers and do things on his own! You go!! He's given WorshipMax subscribers a special promotion code. Use BJ2007 and you'll receive one free month if you subscribe to his website: MarkCondonMusicClub.com

I've uploaded new Christmas free backgrounds at freeworshipbackgrounds.com

NEWS 12.04.07

Paul Baloche made a video for his Christmas Offering song!

Barna Finds Four Mega-Themes in Recent Research

LINKS 11.27.07

Christmas freebie video from SermonSpice.com

Freebie every weekday from WorshipHouseMedia.com!

The new MarkCondonMusicClub.com has a free song download

Free video loops from WorshipVideoLoops.com

LINKS 11.20.07

New Harvest freebie from SermonVideos

Christmas freebie stills from MidnightOil

Christmas freebie stills from WorshipGraphics

Give Thanks video freebie from SermonSpice

update Nov. 14: It's come to my attention that the WorshipHouseMedia disount isn't working. I've talked to WorshipHouse and they said they've had problems with it so they're issuing a new one. Get 30% off any WorshipHouseMedia order by using code hearts2god. It's a one-time use.

I've discovered the GoodSalt downloads links were broken. They're working now.

NEWS 11.20.07

Barna: Christian Parents Are Not Comfortable With Media But Buy Them for Their Kids Anyway

Avoid worship wars by preparing and teaching people how to praise

A Shocking “Confession” from Willow Creek Community Church

LINKS 11.13.07

Free song and video from WorshipSpice.com - a new music/video download website from SermonSpice.com [scroll to bottom]

New, free still background from ImageVine.com

LINKS 11.06.07

New, free Christmas song "Glory Be to God" - really nice!

New, free Christmas outreach worship song "Go Tell It" by NewSpring Church worship leaders Lee McDerment and Justin Land.

Christmas background from American Greetings

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

10 free motion backgrounds from NightGlassImageCenter.com! They have nice Christmas stuff, too!

NEWS 11.06.07

Pastor group's latest effort yields more firearms than first three added together

Chris Tomlin article

LINKS 10.30.07

The holiday freebies are starting, and I'm keeping track at my Christmas Freebies 2007 link. Here are this week's:

Free Christmas still background from FaithVisuals.com

Nice! Free Autumn still backgrounds from IgniterMedia.com

Thanksgiving image from GoodSalt.com


A new website by Integrity, WorshipKitchen.com, has a free trial membership.

Article: Worship Presentation Software, Part 1

NEWS 10.30.07

WordSearchMedia.com is having a Film Fest - videos by independent producers.

Do-it-yourself Christianity. From USAToday - a Presbyterian minister bemoans the decline of mainline denominations.

Wildfire survivors give thanks at church services

Obama sees plenty of votes in black pews

Taking Revival to the World: The Story of Hillsong

LINKS 10.23.07

Freebie video from WorshipHouseMedia.com

Free video via Greg Atkinson of ChurchVideoIdeas.com:

Interested in exploring how ministry videos can enhance your worship services? Or maybe you're a pro at integrating film into your services and would like to expand your existing media library. Either way, Highway Video makes it easy for you by offering an amazing sale. From now until October 31st, Highway is offering all their DVD's for 50% off! This savings allows you to stock up on all their series of DVDs.

Also, as a "Thank You" from the Church Video Ideas blog and Highway Video, you can pick ONE FREE VIDEO DOWNLOAD of your choice. That's right, YOU get to pick the video. Simply visit www.HighwayVideo.com, select a film, and then enter the following coupon code at check-out to take advantage of this great offer.

Your coupon code for the free download is: AFF1A9

NEWS 10.23.07

SermonSpice has Halloween clips

Barna: Most Americans Take Well-Known Bible Stories at Face Value

Robbie Seay creates faith-filled music for coffee culture

LINKS 10.16.07

WalkDeep.com is a new website for pastoral ministry, discipleship, small groups, and spiritual formation. Get a free 5 day devotional - use it with your praise team.

3 free background sets from eyeeffectsworship

24 free background stills

WorshipHouseMedia.com freebie

SermonVideols.com freebie

Download the new 2007 version of I Adore You, my Christmas worship song.

Blogging for Pastors 101

NEWS 10.16.07

Very cool! SermonVideos.com has made a countdown creator - it's $35.00.

101 Fastest Growing US Churches

Interview with Paul Baloche

LINKS 10.09.07

Great link! Download 6 free motion backgrounds from WorshipHouseMedia! This is a link they only give out at conferences, and they've allowed me to share it here.

Free video download from SermonSpice.com

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

Freebies from eleven72.com

NEWS 10.09.07

Barna: What Teenagers Look for in a Church

I love reading online editorials where cranky old people complain about contemporary worship music!

Devotional writer Mark Taylor has created a Christmas Service Planning Guide based on my Christmas worship song I Adore You. It's available for download for $9.99.

YES! Remember Jon Anderson of the secular rock group YES? He cowrote and sang "Owner of a Lonely Heart." The guy in Nashville who's working with me on my I Adore You song is working with Jon. He just emailed me an interesting demo Jon did in the past. It's a demo of him singing part of the Messiah, and it was never released. I thought you might enjoy hearing it!

LINKS 10.02.07

New freebie from SermonVideos.com

Nice, free stills from SermonSpice.com

Good tips for working with artists: 5 Tips for Giving Feedback on Creative Work

Free stills from WorshipGraphics.com

YouVersion is a new, unique online Bible

Free Photo Story from Microsoft. For Windows only. Create a slide show with cool effects, even use a soundtrack or your own voice. Great for making a quick mini movie for church - mission trip recap, youth retreat, your own custom motion backgrounds!

NEWS 10.02.07

Take a look at my new website ChristmasWorshipIdeas.com

The Suffering of "Secret Believers"

Pensacola Christian College Trains "Missionaries to Mega-Churches"

LINKS 09.25.07

Really nice motion background from eleven72.com

AVisualPlanet.com has a bunch of freebie worship still backgrounds. Really good books of the Bible backgrounds!

A free Paul Baloche song download at Integrity

free songs from Vicky Beeching - she's a female UK worship leader

Presentationstock.com has a ton of still backgrounds. Most are cheesy but I found a few good ones.

NEWS 09.25.07

Barna: A New Generation Expresses its Skepticism and Frustration with Christianity

I used to love the Parachute Band - now they've been revamped by a new crop of musicians. I guess the other ones got too old!

Worthington Direct Introduces a New Chair for the Church Market

Getting ready for Christmas? Graphics4Worship.com has lowered prices on some Christmas items

Typical: a 170 year old church closes its doors. Key words... "singing hymns" (and I would guess, only hymns)... "so-and-so was the liturgist"... "forced to close due to lack of funds and members"... "When we lost the youth group, we lost a lot of the younger members..." Reading between the lines, I hear "we would rather close shop than have contemporary music that appeals to the younger generation!

Speaking of those who oppose contemporary music: Martin Luther on Worship: “The Organ… is a sign of Baal”

LINKS 09.18.07

Free countdown from Sermonspice

Very cool looping video background from Igniter!

New, free film from the WorkOfThePeople.com

Church drama: HarvestSounds is a sound effects player, designed for live drama performances by churches, schools, etc.

Really nice graphic art PhotoShop files you can download for sermon backgrounds, etc.

Here's a bunch of free video background animations you can use if you create videos for your church

NEWS 09.18.07

Barna: Born Again Christians Remain Skeptical, Divided About Global Warming

Energy-filled Catholic movement growing in numbers

Empty Church Draws a Crowd: Chhattisgarh, India

Opera singer changes tune

The A B Cs of Church Growth

Google prepares PowerPoint clone!

LINKS 09.11.07

WorshipMax exclusive! A 25 meg mov file. Download another free looping video back courtesy of Graphics4Worship.com. Check them out! Very nice stuff. Also download a 16 meg file from a few weeks ago.

Lots of free teaching MP3s on worship from Sovereign Grace Ministries

SermonVideos.com has redesigned their website, plus have a NEW, nice freebie!

Free small groups video - really nice!

The popular "Everlasting God" is free at WorshipTogether

Free song from Todd Agnew

NEWS 09.11.07

Seven Things Worship Leaders Wished Their Senior Pastor Knew…

Commitment and Consequence by Darlene Zschech

Barna: Survey Reveals Challenges Faced by Young People

The worship of worship

Michael W. Smith invites fans to worship

LINKS 09.04.07

WorshipMax exclusive! TheWorkOfThePeople will let you download ANY video for FREE by using the special code FREEBIE. Plus, get a membership discount: $25 off $250 membership. Code is wmmem and expires 9/31.

Here's the free, regular monthly video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffeth emailed me about Any Video Converter. It's free and lets you convert any videos and YouTube clips for iPod, Zune, PSP, 3GP phone, MP4 player!

Free mp3s and videos from the recent Buzz conference. Watch Pastor Greg Groeschel [LifeChurch] and others.

WorshipFilms.com is sponsoring a worship conference Nov. 2-3. I'll be teaching at it. More info at EyeMaxConference.com.

NEWS 09.04.07

Scale and arpeggio sheet music for purchase for woodwinds

Graphics4Worship is offering a new special. Did you download their freebie from last week?

Christianity Today article about Kelly Willard

New hymnal proposed for United Methodist Church

Paul BaLoche works his contemporary music into church services

LINKS 08.28.07

WorshipMax exclusive! A 16 meg mov file "Prayer." Download a free looping video back courtesy of Graphics4Worship.com. Check them out! Very nice stuff.

PLUS... Graphics4Worship.com also has a nice monthly freebie, a very nice Communion background loop!

Wayne's Worship Set Generator. This program lets you automatically generate a PowerPoint or Word worship set within minutes.

Hillsong Guitar gear - YouTube

SermoNation is a software program that turns any Pentium III or higher PC with Windows 1000 or higher and a CD-Writer into a self-serve kiosk, allowing anyone in your church to create a CD-R of the sermon or copy the sermon to a flash drive.

Very nice motion freebie from WorshipHouseMedia!

NEWS 08.28.07

Arranging and charts on the web: take a look at...



MediaShoutExpress is a new, less expensive version of MediaShout!

Check out my new, personal website, DonChapman.name.

LINKS 08.21.07

Motion background search. Did you know WorshipFilms.com has a feature where you can type in a praise song and find a background that will work for it? It's on the bottom of their homepage.

WorshipMax subscriber Steven Thomas has found over 100 background videos you can use in worship projection software!

Cool! A YouTube tutorial video on the popular Hillsong song "Mighty to Save." Check out related videos on the right for more cool stuff.

Free Chris Tomlin song from WorshipTogether.com

PDF Report: Top 25 Most Innovative Churches

A few weeks ago I did my first teleseminar. It was scary for the first few minutes - it's basically just you by yourself talking into the phone, but I soon got the feel for it. Download my class "Blending Hymns with Contemporary Worship" for free at WorshipTeleseminar.com. Make sure you download the PDF handout, it has free music in it!


Have a question about worship? Email me. If I have an answer I'll email you back : ) And I might put it in the weekly WorshipIdeas.com newsletter!

Need a domain name? GoDaddy is offering a special 20% off. This limited-time offer ends August 31, 2007, at midnight (Pacific Time), so order now at GoDaddy.com or call 1-480-505-8821 today! Simply enter source code gdm0818a

NEWS 08.21.07

WorshipFilms.com is sponsoring a worship conference Nov. 2-3. I'll be teaching at it. More info at EyeMaxConference.com.

SermonSpice special: Start replacing your drab worship slides today for motion backdrops, and we'll double your effort! This week only, buy a video loop on Sermonspice.com and receive any second loop absolutely free. When purchasing, enter the coupon code: B1G1FREE to save big. Offer expires August 22nd.

China's Rising Generation of Worship Leaders

Marketing guru Seth Godin (who profiled me in one of his books) is talked about at WorshipHouseMedia.com

Debate over church music is nothing new, authors write

Barna: Americans Are Most Worried about Children’s Future

Hillsong United: Charting the amazing rise of Australia's youth worship ministry

In praise of 'modern hymns'

LINKS 08.14.07

WorshipMax exclusive! Download Blue Torn background loop and 4 matching stills.

Get a free trial issue of the new Collide magazine - it's for church leaders who use media and technology.

Free video from the Work of the People

32 Free Praise and Worship and Contemporary Christian MP3 Downloads

WorshipTogether.com is offering a free chart for the popular "Beautiful One" - look on the right side of the page.

Free downloads from WordSearchMedia.com

Another free photo website

Free worship projection software: Luminious

NEWS 08.14.07

Young adults aren't sticking with church

Choosing Worship Software by Jesse Lewis of WorshipFilms.com

Ex-Korn Guitarist Wrapping Up Tour for Best-Selling Conversion Story

LINKS 08.06.07

150 free still background images! Sign up for a free account at ChristianPowerPoints.com. Really NICE stuff here!

New discount: A Luna Blue is a stock footage company that is now offering a 10% discount to WorshipMax subscribers. If you create your own videos for worship, take a look. Simply enter the promo code WORSHIPMAX at check out to receive your discount: ALunaBlue.com

Free video from SermonSpice. They are also running a special: buy one Igniter and get one free. I think Igniter makes some of the best videos and backgrounds out there!

If you're a worship songwriter, you might like to check out Song Discovery's new songwriter community.

NEWS 08.06.07

I'm doing a WorshipTeleseminar on using hymns with contemporary worship this Tuesday, Aug 7, 8pm EST.

My newest website, WorshipScores.com, launched last week. It's a brand new creative idea for worship.

Barna: Americans Not Concerned About Their Spiritual Condition

ImageVine.com is having a big sale for a few days.

LINKS 07.31.07

Awesome link! 70 still backgrounds and 9 looping video backgrounds at Powerpoint-for-Worship.com!!

Free songs from the group 33 Miles (#19 on chart.) Audio for the songs at their Myspace page.

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

They also are giving away a free MP3 from the Robby Seay Band

Free chart - the popular "By His Wounds" by Mac Powell

NEWS 07.24.07

I love logos - I create all my own websites and like graphic art. I really dug top church logos.

Hillsong United's All of the Above Still #1 Worship CD in America

LINKS 07.24.07

07.24.07 Download another exclusive looping video background from WorshipMax!

ChurchRadius.com offers free church management software to churches 100 members or less.

The Yorck Project: free classical art images.

Free Brian Doerksen chord charts on his website... including "Come Now Is the Time to Worship" and "Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)." Some songs have a blurb telling how he wrote the song.

Free songs from WorshipTogether.com: How Can I Keep from Singing, In Christ Alone

NEWS 07.24.07

Israel Houghton Shares His Testimony

Brian Doerksen interview

Tammy Faye Bakker dead at 65

Pastor Threatens To Have Congregants Arrested

Barna: American Individualism Shines Through in People’s Self-Image

LINKS 07.17.07

Igniter has a free video download every day until July 21!

Nice! SermonSpice has a cool 3 crosses looping background

SermonSlides has a free still image

Free mini movies from WorshipHouseMedia.com

Free video download from TheWorkOfThePeople

Free David Crowder songs at WorshipTogether.com

Try out my new worship background loop - it matches my free worship backgrounds image for Here I Am to Worship

NEWS 07.17.07

America's 50 Most Influential Churches

ImageVine is having a still image sale

Retailer Wal-Mart gets religious — toys, that is

LINKS 07.10.07

I've found some old worship tutorial PDFs from Vineyard:

Character and the Worship Leader

Integrity - An Absolute in Worship by Brian Doerksen

The Values of a Worship Leader

The Place of Pride

picsearch.com is a new Internet image search.

17 Church Marketing Ideas for 2007

This has nothing to do with worship but it's so cool I had to tell you! Google has done it again! I'm always calling 411 from my cell for numbers and I hate getting charged for it. No more! Just call Google's amazing new service. It's FREE. 1-800-GOOG441. It's business only. Just tell it city, state, what biz you're looking for and it will connect you. Amazing!!

NEWS 07.10.07

WorshipIdeas: The Worship Wars Continue

Joel Osteen Delivers 'Night of Hope' to Thousands in London

Barna: Catholics Have Become Mainstream America

Iraq's Christians Cry: "Please Don't Leave Us"

LINKS 07.03.07

Free looping background: I'm making motion backgrounds based on my FreeWorshipBackgrounds.com still images EXCLUSIVELY for WorshipMax subscribers. Download my first one and let me know if it looks ok in your worship projection software. I'll have the still images up Wednesday at FreeWorshipBackgrounds.com.

4 free still backgrounds

fre candle countdown from Igniter - great for Communion

Do you write orchestations for your church? You might enjoy the free, interactive PRINCIPLES OF ORCHESTRATION by Rimsky-Korsakov, courtesy of Garritan Personal Orchestra.

Edit your still worship background images online with the free, PhotoShop-like fauxto.com

pixelperfectdigital.com has been redesigned - it has tons of free images you can use for backgrounds.

NEWS 07.03.07

Church Video Ideas: Using Motion Backgrounds in Worship

My theory is that people who detest praise music, and rant about how inferior it is, are, in fact, really afraid of a personal relationship with God that you must have in order to understand contemporary worship. Here's an interesting editorial by one such person. Notice his closing paragraph, explaining that mainline (and spiritually dead, may I add) denominations still "cling" to the hymnal.

Love songs cool again with Big Daddy Weave

Plastic replaces passing the plate

LINKS 06.26.07

4th of July freebies from the archives:

WorshipImages | ChristianMedia | SermonVideos | FreeWorshipBacks

Download a chord chart and MP3 of my new HymnChart arrangement of "God of Our Fathers" and open your praise set with it this week

Free "In God We Trust" still backgrounds from SermonView

Free looping OrganicVideos.com back, courtesy of WorshipHouseMedia

Lakeview Church, a great still image resource site, has upload some new stuff, including some nice Communion slides

NEWS 06.26.07

4th of July paid resources:

SermonSpice | Igniter | WorshipHouse | FaithVisuals

Take a look at ScoreSoft - software that lets you have chord charts on your laptop.

Church Video Ideas: Beginning and Developing Your Church’s Media Ministry - Pt. 1

Praise That's Premature? Do we praise too soon?

Organists are getting scared!

Church asks mom, disabled child to leave

David Crowder Band: The full history from 'Can You Hear Us' to 'Remedy'

LINKS 06.19.07

New 4th of July still backgrounds: I'm working on a new website that will feature free worship backgrounds. Until it's up, here's my first batch of 32 free patriotic backgrounds.

SermonVideos.com has a flag looping background

New free video from SermonSpice.com

Free worship projection software. This website also has some free background images.

5 free sermon movie illustrations from the movie Evan Almighty

WorshipTech.com: good articles and ideas

Download a free audio book: The Best of Jonathan Edwards Sermons

Video messaging website

Free song from Integrity Music

Free Charlie Hall song from WorshipTogether.com

NEWS 06.19.07

Article about Hillsong United

What!!! Sinead O'Conner has come out with a Christian CD that will be distributed in Family Bookstores and Lifeway!!!

LINKS 06.12.07

New software link: download a free KJV Bible for your iPod! (Windows)

New free downloads from eleven72.com: good communion stuff

New free video download from SermonSpice.com

New free background loop from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

New free praise song download from WholeHeartedWorship.com

Worship leader David Delgado is giving away free worship mp3s and chord charts.

NEWS 06.12.07

Nice Father's Day media from eleven72.com. [paid]

Barna: Atheists and Agnostics Take Aim at Christians

Church within a Church: Are multiple worship services healthy?

Who's Really the Worship Leader?

Ask Rick: How would you address an instrumentalist or a singer to lay out (don't play) on a song without hurting their feelings.

Story Behind the Song "Blessed Be Your Name"

LINKS 06.05.07

Click to download Cross13.jpg, a still image from OrganicVideos.com

Check out SongsOfPraise.org - some free songs that aren't bad. The song "Adoration" is nice, and is cowritten by Rick Founds (Lord I Lift Your Name On High.)

WorshipCentral.org is a cool website with tutorials and free songs that appears to be spearheaded by Tim Hughes (Here I Am to Worship.) Also related, check out Tim's blog.

Good article: Finding the Right Worship Leader

Free video from SermonSpice.com

New, free background from IgniterMedia.com

Running water video loop from MotionWorship.com

New free still image from WorshipVine.com

NEWS 06.05.07

Shawn Wood, the Experiences Pastor for Seacoast Church Charleston, shares his favorite media from WorshipHouseMedia.com

Remember Kelly Willard? She wrote "Make Me a Servant" and has the most beautiful voice... I loved her stuff and haven't heard anything about her in years. She was a regular vocalist on early Integrity recordings. I must have signed up for her email list at one point, and recently got a mass email from her telling the sad tale of her life.

Graham's spiritual journey finds home

LINKS 05.29.07

Here's a blog about using worship media with liturgy.

This liturgical website has a movie-theme index if you like showing movie clips.

interlinc has some cool, free youth stuff you might want to pass on to your youth pastor.

Check out a new worship forums website.

Using Film Clips in Preaching

Have you every visited the website of worship guru Robert Webber?

Frequency has some free Tomlin charts, tutorials and videos. Free signup.

NEWS 05.29.07

Speaking in tongues: Faith's language barrier?

(American) Idol Chatter: Learning from Melinda Doolittle

Independent worship artist Sean Dayton has a nice CD out with contemporary hymn arrangements.

LINKS 05.22.07

Free worshipscore MP3s: I'm developing a new website called WorshipScores.com. Download free underscore MP3s at the website, try them out in your worship service, and give me your thoughts. Learn more at WorshipScores.com.

Free worship teleseminars! This is really cool and creative - June 12 kicks off 8 weeks of free worship training via your phone line with names like Tom Kraeuter, John Chisum, Rory Noland [Willow Creek Church] and Gerrit Gustafson. I'll be doing one on Hymns & contemporary worship. Sign up for free at www.WorshipTeleseminar.com

WorshipGraphics.com has some things for you:
free sermon graphics package
tutorial: create your own easy Great Commission video
a big discount on a CD of graphics

25 free worship backgrounds

Free Bible background

3 free backgrounds from LivingWaterDesigns.net

NEWS 05.22.07

Last week I told you about Chris Sligh's interview on the 700 Club. This Friday, May 25, the 700 Club is doing a short news item about me and my HymnCharts.com website. Check your local listings for show times. It also airs on the cable ABC Family network at 2pm and 11pm. It sure pays to know an American Idol contestant LOL!

Memorial Day media from WorshipHouseMedia [paid]

Barna's Annual Tracking Study Shows Americans Stay Spiritually Active, But Biblical Views Wane

Rick Wakeman: The Rock Keyboard Legend Explores The Old Hymns

LINKS 05.15.07

WOW! OrganicVideos.com, one of my favorite video producers, has free cool video downloads!!

Free video download from MeatLoafMedia.com

ChurchScapes.com has a free weekly download

Free download from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

NEWS 05.15.07

CreativeSynergyPodcast.com has done a podcast on church copyright issues.

CBN [700 Club] came to Greenville a few weeks ago and did an interview with Chris Sligh at my house [he forgot to tell his wife and she didn't have time to clean the house so they did the interview at my place!] In this clip, you'll see Chris at my keyboard where I do all my arranging!

I've been in Nashville watching Chris Sligh negotiate record deals and we've been getting a ton of free Christian Cds from the labels! So far, my favorite has been Brandon Heath who also has a song in the top 20.

LINKS 05.08.07

Really nice! Free Mother's Day video back loop from Igniter.

from previous weeks: Mother's Day freebies:

FREE Mother's Day countdown from WorshipFilms.com!

Free Mother's day media from Eleven72.com when you sign up for the email newsletter

Free background still from ImageVine.com

NEWS 05.08.07

Petra Duo Are Back, Hartman and Schlitt Present 'Vertical Expressions'

Have you heard about the guy who decoded music from carvings in Rosslyn Chapel? Watch the video!

Barna: The Spirituality of Moms Outpaces that of Dads

Amy Grant Switches Label after 30 Years

LINKS 05.01.07

FREE Mother's Day countdown from WorshipFilms.com!

Graphics4Worship.com has extended their special for WorshipMax subscribers! Check out their various volumes:
100 stills for $5 [usually $29.99]
25 video backgrounds for $15 [usually $29.99]

ImageVine.com has a 50% off special on Mother's Day-type backgrounds - only good until Thursday.

Free Tomlin song from WorshipTogether.com

NEWS 05.01.07

Church under fire for making noise

Tomlin takes most gospel trophies

LINKS 04.24.07

Free Mother's day media from Eleven72.com when you sign up for the email newsletter - nice stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Free background still from ImageVine.com

The Power of the Cross, by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend - A new hymn from the writers of In Christ Alone

Free WorshipTogether.com song by Tim Hughes [Here I Am to Worship]

NEWS 04.24.07

Mother's Day media resources [paid]

MediaShout website



Ed Kerr, a really nice guy and talented keyboard player [he plays alot with Paul Baloche and you may have seen him at Integrity conferences] has a new instructional piano DVD out and has a special.

Interview: Delirious? Not Yet Ready to 'Settle Down'

How to Spot a Healthy Church--Quickly

Barna: Virginia Tech Tragedy is a Wake-Up Call to Parents

How Do You Draw Near to Jesus?

LINKS 04.16.07

245 nice background stills from a Flickr worship graphics area

New short film download from WorshipHouseMedia.com

Free video download from Graphics4Worship.com

Free WorshipTogether.com song by Vicky Beeching

PowerPoint Sermon Backgrounds from The Church of Christ

NEWS 04.16.07

Hillsong United Begins US, Canada Tour with Battle Cry

LINKS 04.10.07

Video loop download from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

Free projection software: take a look at Luminous

Backgrounds from eBibleTeacher.com

25 Free Worship Backgrounds for Churches & Ministries from Church Communications Pro

NEWS 04.10.07

Check out this listening test designed to determine a person's natural ability to be trained as a soundman

LifeChurch.tv, the coolest church in the world : ) - has created a virtual church in the online world Second Life.

Barna: Research Shows Parenting Approach Determines
Whether Children Become Devoted Christians

Do you use a lot of tracks in your church? Know an artist that uses tracks in their ministry? Check out Emcee software.

LINKS 04.03.07

Here's a super link for ya: 26 megs of background stills and PowerPoint slides from ImageVine.com! Just sign up for their free newsletter.

Talk about last minute, RadiateFilms.com just posted a free Easter video. It's a little hard to spot - it's "He Is Risen."

NEWS 04.03.07

Joyful noises at a hip-hop church

Faithful build a Second Life for religion online

LINKS 03.27.07

Several video downloads from 4thoughtmedia.com

Check out WorshipCentral.co.uk led by Tim Hughes (Here I Am to Worship.) Free song each month, podcast, blog.

MotionWorship.com has a nice candle motion back

Free song "By His Wounds" from WorshipTogether

NEWS 03.27.07

The most influential annual gathering of young evangelicals plans to go global

Christianity Today reviews Chris Sligh's new CD. Chris is the worship leader at my church, Seacoast Greenville, who's now in the top 10 of American Idol.

LINKS 03.20.07

I've mentioned SimplyYouthMinistry.com in the past, but haven't checked it in awhile. They have a BUNCH of downloads, including some Easter stuff. This will keep you busy!

Free Cross on a hill moving background from Igniter. Nice!

NEWS 03.20.07

SermonVideos.com has a nice Easter Pack for sale for 2007. Have you used your Sermonvideos.com discount yet? Check the discount section.

Barna: Unchurched Population Near 100 Million in the U.S.

What's Wrong with this Worship Service? Good ammunition for church music critics!

LINKS 03.13.07

Big Easter download! WorshipHouseMedia.com is giving away their super-popular clip "Are You Amazed." I used this one year at Easter and it was a smashing success. Instead of just playing the clip, I bought the backing track for the song (Philips, Craig & Dean) and replaced their original audio with the backing track and a guy at church sang it as a special.

Screen capture! Have you ever wanted to capture a screen shot from an mpeg and use it for worship? I have, but didn't want to buy the software that lets you do it (you can't just click the "print screen" button - it won't work.) I'm saving all the Chris Sligh Idol shows on my hard drive and wanted to get some screen shots. Googling the topic, I discovered that, if playing an mpeg in Windows Media Player, all you have to do is click CONTROL+I to save the pic as a jpeg! Maybe it will work playing DVDs - let me know if you try it. I could have used this a few years ago when I wanted some screen shots from the Jesus movie to use for Easter.

New Artbeats stock footage download

Free Easter drawing video from SermonSpice.com

Free stock footage from BluePonyDigital.com

Freebies from eleven72.com

More Easter freebies from WorshipHouseMedia

Free video cross back from GraphicsFourWorship.com

MidnightOilProductions Easter stills

These links and more at the Easter 2007 Freebie page

NEWS 03.13.07

Ever wonder what it's like to be on American Idol? Wonder no more - read my blog!

How churches are trying to turn skating punks into believers

The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why’s of Church Communications

LINKS 03.06.07

Wow - a nice bunch of abstract PowerPoint background stills found by WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffith! Make sure you check all the galleries. I believe the latest trend in worship backgrounds are abstract images. Let me know about the cool links you find and you might win extra months here at WorshipMax!

Free Easter-themed background image set from WorshipGraphics.com. Very nice!

TheWorkOfThePeople.com, in their typically offbeat style, have a looping background: a plastic Jesus!

The cool Vicky Beeching song "Yesterday, Today and Forever" is one of the free songs. at WorshipTogether.com. Look in the top right corner.

Free Easter sermon at PastorsPlace.com, plus their nice packaged graphics for sale.

NEWS 03.06.07

Churches find ways to get guys through the door

Barna: The God Gap? The Faith of Republicans and Democrats

Church playing it cool

Interesting: Flirting With Religion - Rickie Lee Jones brings Jesus down off the cross.

LINKS 02.28.07

Sorry - a day late on links. I was busy getting my closeup on Amercian Idol last night LOL!! Here I am with Chris Sligh, his wife Sarah and beatboxer Blake Lewis at the Cheesecake Factory in Hollywood after the show.

Free bumper video back from Igniter

Free video from SermonSpice.com

Take a look at WingClips.com: incorporating movie clips into sermons. Has a free subscription option.

Artbeats.com, a stock footage company, is offering a free DVD with tutorials and production samples from top industry pros.

From song by Brian Doerksen (Come, Now is the Time to Worship) from Integrity.

NEWS 02.28.07

Article about Randy Phillips, one of the guys in Phillips, Craig & Dean.

Chris Tomlin again leads nominations for Dove Awards

An article about American Idol finalist Chris Sligh in the Greenville News, along with my exclusive vocal tips that got him through!

LINKS 02.20.07

Free song lead sheet from Michael W Smith at WorshipTogether

WorshipHouseMedia has an Easter store online

eleven72 has some freebies when you sign up for their newsletter

free motion background from video100.com

NEWS 02.20.07

They Like Jesus, But Not Church

Churches face ‘identity crisis’

Barna: Billy Graham Tops Religious Leaders

The Jesus People Revolution Returns to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Discrimination In the Church

LINKS 02.13.07

Exclusive, free Easter/Palm Sunday background courtesy of MotionWorship.com!

Free background from WorshipGraphics.com

Free Brian Doerksen [Come Now Is The Time To Worship] song at Integrity.

NEWS 02.13.07

Watch American Idol this week and you'll probably see Seacoast Greenville worship leader Chris Sligh. He sings on some of my new HymnCharts recordings. I created a page about him at HymnCharts.

Churches sing the gospel according to U2

LINKS 02.06.07

Free video back from Graphics4Worship.com

Free WorshipTogether song by Vicki Beeching

New, cool background still from GoodSalt

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com

New freebie from WorshipHouseMedia.com

1100 free stock photos from SermonAde.com!

NEWS 02.06.07

Catching up with Matt Redman

More on Matt Redman

Cheering From The Pews
Watching The BIg Game At God's House

NFL: Sports bars in, churches out

Barna: American Lifestyles Mix Compassion and Self-Oriented Behavior

LINKS 01.30.07

Free backgrounds from LeadingWorship.com

Free video back downloads from BluePonyDigital

DigitalJuice.com has free weekly downloads

Free song from WorshipTogether

NEWS 01.30.07

There's a lot of hoopla about a supposed spirit caught in a sermon promo from Lifechurch.

Haggard's Accuser Visits Megachurch

Beer and the Bible

The People Behind the Songs - article about Matt Redman

Barna: Survey Explores Who Qualifies As an Evangelical

LINKS 01.23.07

2 NEW discounts!

- Get $15 off any IgniterMedia.com order by using code ignitermax
- Get $15 off any WorshipHouseMedia.com order by using code housemax

How it works: put anything in the shopping cart, check out, then apply the promo code. If the total of the purchase is $15 or less, you don't have to put in your credit card - just apply the promo code and download.

Free video from SermonSpice.com

Free video back from Igniter

New worship resource search website I've created: search4worship.com.

NEWS 01.23.07

Faith Forward meeting aims to bridge generations - article about Robert Schuller's grandson [Crystal Cathedral]

I love LifeChurch - hear a podcast from pastor Craig Groeschel. Read his new blog.

LINKS 01.09.07

Signup for free at eleven72.com, get some free still backgrounds

Free video background at revostock.com

Free video background from WorshipHouseMedia.com

26 worship background stills from a Flickr group

Free video from BlueFishtv.com.

20 Free Web Tools and How Churches Can Use Them

How to Create Worship Background Graphics

NEWS 01.09.07

Barna: House Churches Are More Satisfying to Attenders Than Are Conventional Churches

Cowboys make time for God amid stables

When Worship Styles Clash

How Religion Will Define America in 2007

Christian musician David Crowder writes examination of the soul

Robertson Predicts 'Mass Killing'

Teaching a Church to Pray

LINKS 01.02.07

Wow! Ten free video looping backgrounds! Nice!

SermonSpice.com is giving away free downloads relating to the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com - an old church, big download, good loop.

FreeWebs.com lets you make a free website. So does Google Pages. Can you think of a way to use this in your own ministry?

WorshipTogether.com has some free songs from Matt Redman.

NEWS 01.02.07

From the archive: Stash Bags.

This is hilarious!! The 12 days of Christmas as you've never heard it before!

Atlanta rappers take crunk to the pulpit

Christmas traditions point to debate over ritual in worship

LINKS 12.26.06

Download a free MP3, chord chart and lead sheet for Brandon Heath's recent radio hit "Our God Reigns."

I just found out about this - download it for next year: guitar chords for Christmas carols from PraiseCharts.com.

WorshipGraphics.com has a free New Year's graphic.

From last week: Free snow looping background video from Igniter

NEWS 12.26.06

ImageVine.com has a New Year's store.

Most Britons believe religion does more harm than good

LINKS 12.20.06

Free snow looping background video from Igniter.

Free video at Sermonade.

Free Powerpoint slides "Joy is Born" from FaithVisuals.

NEWS 12.20.06

Christmas carol stories from Integrity Music.

From Canada.com: Beating a path to the pews.

Home Churches Growing Increasingly Popular as Worship Alternative

LINKS 12.12.06

ImageVine.com has some free Christmas still backgrounds.

TheWorkOfThePeople.com has a free Christmas video: "Pastor Chris Seay speaks about the true meaning of Christmas and offers alternative gift ideas."

Graphics4Worship.com has a free video background download.

NEWS 12.12.06

No news.

LINKS 12.05.06

2 exclusive Christmas video loop downloads you'll get only at WorshipMax:

Loop 1: A pretty red angel loop from SermonVideos.com [17 meg zip file]

This is from their new Christmas 2006 collection. You can purchase this collection, including a Christmas version of their popular "Be Still" video, for $39.95.

They're also running a special - $99.95 for a yearly subscription. That's a lot of stuff. If you want this special, go to their signup page and use code SUBSAVE. I've always loved and used stuff from SermonVideos.com.

Loop 2: An awesome Christmas tree with falling snow [11 meg mpg]

This is from my new favorite video website, MotionWorship.com. They have several new Christmas video loops. And you can subscribe and get EVERYTHING on the website for only $50.00 a year! I really like this guy's stuff! Read more about the creator, Josiah Smith.

Free Christmas still image from ImageVine.com - looks like pine needle garland. They have a Christmas shop of nice media downloads.

If you're Southern Baptist and have a Lottie Moon offering, here's a downloadable video. It's the 9th one down the page - "Our Heart, Our Desire" by Travis Cottrell. Then again, if you're not Southern Baptist, you'll still like it if you have a missions theme some Sunday - it's a really nice video. Plus Travis sings purdy.

NEWS 12.05.06

From USAToday: These days, faith isn’t just about paving the path to the afterlife.

Baptismal Cannonball at YouTube.

LINKS 11.28.06

New Christmas downloads! PastorsPlace.com has done it again! Download 4 fabulous graphics packages that include PowerPoint slides, backgrounds, bulletin covers, banners and posters!

Learn about this awesome new website that will help you plan your worship. Sign up for a free basic account and have fun. If you want a bigger account with more bells and whistles, you get an exclusive WorshipMax discount!

from 11.21.06:

Greg Atkinson's 2006 Christmas Resources PDF [paid stuff]

WorshipMax 2006 Christmas Freebies. The list has begun - check back every Tuesday as I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more freebies appear as we approach Christmas.

NEWS 11.28.06

from Barna: Major Christian Leaders Are Widely Unknown, Even Among Christians. Fascinating reading!

In a Tech-Savvy World, the Word of God Goes Mobile

LINKS 11.21.06

Greg Atkinson's 2006 Christmas Resources PDF [paid]

WorshipMax 2006 Christmas Freebies. The list has begun - check back every Tuesday as I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more freebies appear as we approach Christmas.

Free vocal tips from Chris & Carol Beatty. Requires free registration.

Church marketing graphics ideas at Flickr.

Free stills and video backs at Graphics4Worship.com. Requires free registration. [Click the "free" button.]

Free 5 min. countdown from LeadingWorship.com. Requires free registration.

NEWS 11.21.06

5 Steps for Planning Christmas Worship from John Chisum.

How do you pray? Study of prayer shows how similar - and how different - Americans are.

Buy Christmas bulletin covers from detailsdirect.com and get free matching worship backgrounds. Nice art!

Change Your Church for Good… The Art of Sacred Cow Tipping.

LINKS 11.14.06

Get a free video when you sign up for eleven72.com's newsletter.

Are you a church planter? You may qualify for over $50 in resources from Church Leaders Insights.

Free SermonVideos.com video background from MinistryTech.com. Sign up for free newsletter, login, click "Free for Members!"

Last week I talked about graphics in church [see history.] Here's another article.

NEWS 11.14.06

Holiday resources from TheWorkOfThePeople.com. [paid]

Autumn backgrounds from VMGbackgrounds.com. [paid]

Thanksgiving media from eleven72.com. [paid]

Thanksgiving videos from wordsearchmedia.com. [paid]

Barna: Rosie O’Donnell Stirs Christians’ Emotions

Chicago Tribune: Showbiz has a star in Jesus

35 ministry skills you’ll need in the 21st century.

Five essential questions for boosting the vitality of your local church.

10 Reasons Why Church Plants Fail.

How to Market Your Ministry Like Fellowship Church.

Your Pastor Needs A Blog.

LINKS 11.07.06

Hot dog!!! These are REALLY nice, FREE Thanksgiving graphics!!! There are 4 designs, each with downloadable, printable graphics for posters, bulletins, banners and projection backgrounds! Requires email signup. From PastorsPlace.com. I think classy, professional graphics are very important for a church and I can't believe you can download good stuff like this for free!

Style guide: and now, a word about cheesy graphics. Here's an example of cheese. The Thanksgiving graphics mentioned above are not cheesy. What are some differences? 1) tired, bland, cursive fonts, 2) Text is too small to be read on a screen, 3) I'm not buying any nature scenes when I can download stuff like that for free!

Classy graphics tend to have classy fonts [usually 3D] and are created in PhotoShop by someone who knows what they're doing, often using shading and texture effects. I think WorshipGraphics.com has good graphics. Have you downloaded their 22 free sermon title themes?

Not that the cheesy examples are horrible... they would have been decent 7 years ago. But nowadays, things are getting pretty sophisticated in the worship graphics world.

Article: The Power of Great Design.

YourWorshipSource.com has a bunch of Autumn still backs.

Free Thanksgiving countdown from SermonSpice.

Free Video from WorshipHouseMedia.com.

Christmas video loop for Midnight Oil.

Free video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com.

NEWS 11.07.06

MediaShout.com has a Fall/Thanksgiving online media store.

Need some Christmas worship songs? Try 2 songs I've written with worship leader Tim Light: A Light Has Dawned and I Adore You.

USAToday.com: Some Protestant churches feeling 'mainline' again

The Hymn Book- Relic or Treasure? My 2 cents: relic! Hymnals are expensive and irrelevant for a contemporary worship church (remember, this coming from the guy who started HymnCharts!) Irrelevant not because of content, but because of form. We live in a top 40 world. Heard any 4 part choral music on the radio or TV lately? Let's not be tied to our cultural nostalgia. If xylophone music suddenly becomes the staple sound of the culture, let's do xylophone hymns to reach that culture! By the way, check out my new Hymn Ideas page.

LINKS 10.31.06

The link of the year! I've been expecting something like this for a long time - a free looping background website along the lines of still image free sites like Flickr. I found it! It's called ReelWorship.com, and specializes in free looping background videos for worship! It's created by the people who do FreeFoto.com. I counted over 40 free looping video backs.

Sure, it might not be IgniterMedia.com, but hey, it's free, and it's not too bad - especially if you're just starting to build a looping library.

Start here, with the links in the right corner - like "Candle." The site can be a little buggy and I had to click the link several times in order for all the download links to be available.

There are 12 candle downloads, each one with an mpeg4 version and an mpg version. You want the mpg version for your looping background. Have fun! I'm sure this website will be bandwidth heavy, especially since I've announced this link. So if it overloads and crashes, wait a few hours or a day : )

They also have a still background library.

Free Thanksgiving looping video from Igniter.

Exclusive! The WorshipMax Fall Collection: 9 Fall still backgrounds with and without distressed edges.

Help your pastor with his sermon powerpoint! This week's WorshipIdeas is about worship graphics. Marketing guru Seth Godin has written a short PDF eBook called Really Bad PowerPoint. It's written for business people but has some great principals that work for creating sermon illustration images.

NEWS 10.31.06

Thanksgiving still backs for sale at WorshipHouseMedia. Buy them one at a time or in a pack.

I posted a blog entry last week at my blogger page about the WalMart effect going on with churches. The idea got picked up at MondayMorningInsight.com.

And along those same lines, a Halloween post about the incompetence of churches.

When I teach at worship conferences, I often mention that you should use looping backgrounds as a backdrop for special music, much like you'd see on American Idol. Well, what do you know - American Idol actually uses Digital Hotcakes backgrounds!

LINKS 10.17.06

Thanksgiving image links.

WOW! An artist from Evergreen Community Church has posted a ton of their background stills, and they are beautiful. They have that postmodern ancient/future vibe which you may or may not like, but that style would definately work at Christmas. Scroll down to the bottom for his Christmas images. For the more recent images, make sure you click the "continue reading..." links for thematic image sets!

Free countdown video from FaithVisuals.com.

Free background video loop at MotionWorship.com.

On my "adventures of don chapman" blog, I posted a cool link. MOO's Mini Cards are mini biz cards made from Flickr photos. Post pics of your recent church picnic/party/concert/whatever at Flickr, get cards made with your church name & address on the back and use them for promotion.

I love Delirious and they have a few free charts this week.

Christmas is around the corner. Let's blog [share] ideas. What are some cool things you've done in the past during the holidays?

NEWS 10.17.06

I updated the downloads under "What's Popular" - the top songs & hymns download now have active links in the PDFs.

Crowder's contemporary music born of 'necessity'

New Redman recording is on the way

Survey: How to Bring Back Formerly Churched

LINKS 10.17.06

PDF of Chris Tomlin's "Glorious."

Cool video clip freebie - zooming down to planet Earth.

Free video download from The Work Of The People.

Free video from AngelHouse Media via WorshipHouseMedia.

Here's a video of Paul Baloche demonstrating his new worship song he wrote with Brenton Brown, Hosanna.

Get a free PowerPointSermon [click image at top of page.]

Video Freebie from RestorationVideo.com [click "free video download" box]

FreeChurchPrinting.com! Very cool stuff.

NEWS 10.17.06

WorshipHouseMedia has an online Thanksgiving and Christmas store.

Hillsong YouTube video of my new fav worship song "All I Am." Have you read my top song picks for 2006?

Survey: Reasons Why People Leave the Church

Christian Artists Turning to Hymns

If you have a free afternoon : ) read through all 35 [last count!] blog entries in last week's controversial article 2 Pay Or Not 2 Pay.

LINKS 10.10.06

New report! 10 Songs You Must Know 2006.

VerticalMusic.com has free songs, including "Amazed," one of my top song picks for 2006!

Brenton Brown's website has free charts and video tutorials! Click "songs." Includes "Everlasting God," one of my top song picks for 2006!

New, free song at WorshipIdeas: We Are Here - an upbeat call to worship.

WorshipMax subscriber Karl Jacoby has told me about Myrrh's worship website. It has downloadable music, and some freebies. Have some links I need to know about? Email me and you might get some free months here at WorshipMax.com.

ImageVine Thanksgiving image discount! Order the Thanksgiving Vol1 PowerPak [$34.00] - then checkout and enter the code 7540, apply code - you'll get it for $24.00!

Are you singing God of Wonders? Try using some images from the Hubble Telescope.

Want to put in a new screen for worship projection? Use the online projection wizard from Draper.

Paul Baloche demonstrates guitar strumming techniques on YouTube.

NEWS 10.10.06

Good article about Hillsong Church.

Tony Morgan has interviewed marketing guru Seth Godin. Seth mentioned my WorshipIdeas website in one of his eBooks, "99 Cows."

Did you hear the news? I've bought Google and have branded it with WorshipMax.com! Take a look. Try it yourself!

Watch a YouTube live video of David Crowder.

Have you checked out my frivolous new blog The Adventures of Don Chapman? Only read if you're completely bored!

LINKS 10.03.06

WorshipTogether.com is giving away a song a week from Chris Tomlin's new CD.

This website will keep you busy for awhile. Worship tricks is a UK blog about creative worship ideas.

Video freebie from RevoStock.com.

Igniter freebies: 1 motion, 2 stills.

Tons of pics for worship backgrounds at the Flickr-type site WebShots.

NEWS 10.03.06

Tech stuff: connecting TVs and Video.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Worship Services

A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Worship Services

Online video Bible.

LINKS 09.26.06

Christmas is around the corner. Let's blog [share] ideas. What are some cool things you've done in the past during the holidays?

36 Parables is a video production company that produces short films based on the parables of Christ. Download a freebie and take a look at their other stuff.

Free video download from SermonAde.com.

Free song at WorshipTogether.com: one of my favorites: Your Grace Is Enough.

Greg Atkinson and Anthony Coppedge have a new creative worship podcast.

Continuing blogs: Vocals and Praise Teams.

NEWS 09.26.06

Discount: SermonSpice.com is offering a $40 package for $30 - countdown, stills, video loops and sermon illustration from eleven 72. Use coupon code 1172JV1.

Learn about labyrinths. Very postmodern!

Embrace Your Inner Pentecostal

A Jesus face morph. Really cool, takes a minute to download.

Interview with Mark Hall [Casting Crowns]

Derek Webb, formerly of the band Caedmon's Call, is giving away his new album, Mockingbird, as a free download! Evidently it's controversial... politics and such [don't those artists love to give us their opinions!] One critic commented that the recording "succeeds in making a statement more than it succeeds in making good music." Decide for yourself.

WorshipIdeas.com this week:

American Idol. The most popular TV show in America is also the worship leader's best friend.

LINKS 09.19.06

Almost 100 still images for backgrounds.

Still worship backgrounds gallery.

Like to create your own videos for worship? You might find some useable stuff at FreeStockFootage.com. Movie Archive has some cool old newsreel footage.

Thinkerlabs.ca has 14 free video and graphics downloads, meant to be used as sermon starters and themes.

WorshipFilms.com is offering a free video loop download to celebrate their first wide screen format collection. Login, click "free resources." [requires free registration.]

Take this survey at WorshipHouseMedia.com to receive a $10 off promo code.

Blog on this: Vocals and Praise Teams.

NEWS 09.19.06

Must read! This is a facinating article from the LA Times about the conflict between Chuck Smith, famous Calvary Chapel founder, and his son!

Last week's Time Magazine cover story: Does God want you to be rich?

Very interesting: USAToday: View of God can predict values, politics

Shift in worship style causes division

Change habits that may be hurting your church

Ed Young, of famed megachurch Fellowship Church in Dallas, does the multi-site thing in Miami! Have you read my multi-site article at WorshipIdeas?

This cracked me up: cassette generator. I made ficticious recordings and emailed the pics to my friends.

LINKS 09.12.06

Download some of my exclusive, new worshp backgrounds from Romsey Abbey.

Download 8 looping video backgrounds.

2 video backgrounds from Waystock.com.

119 still backgrounds from Waystock.com.

NEWS 09.12.06

Jay Bakker, son of Jim and Tammy Faye, is in a new TV reality show.

Barna: Most Twentysomethings Put Christianity on the Shelf Following Spiritually Active Teen Years

Downtowns seek revival, but not through storefront churches

Observations of an evangelist

WorshipIdeas.com this week: All You Need Is Love.

LINKS 09.05.06

Free Katrina themed video from TheWorkOfThePeople.com.

Info: Setting up a dual monitor projection system. There's other good info at the website, multimediaforworship.com.

Download all kinds of nice still backgrounds from Lakeview Church. Really professional stuff.

Check out MeatLoafMedia.com. They have a free video.

Free stills from VisualWorship.com. The cloud sequence is really nice.

NEWS 09.05.06

Chris Tomlin's new CD, "See the Morning" will be released Sept. 26. On it will be Brenton Brown's song "Everlasting God" which is my favorite song on Brenton's own CD. I predict this song will be the next church worship hit!

WorshipIdeas.com this week: All You Need Is Love.

LINKS 08.29.06

Someone just emailed me about "ripping" a CD. You can do it with Windows Media Player but it's a little confusing. Try the free AudioGrabber and let me know if you like it.

1000 worship photos on Resonate's Flickr pool [a grouping of images at Flickr.] Direct link.

Point of Power worship background gallery.

NEWS 08.29.06

NEW! Check out the weekly CCM top 10 on the right side of the main page. I think it's a good idea, when appropriate, to do popular CCM songs in church as a call to worship, offertory, etc. Why not draw people in by doing the songs they're enjoying on the radio? That is, if you have the vocal talent to pull it off. When I was at Horizon Church, Mitch, our incredible electric guitarist, could do a great Casting Crowns, and David could do a great Tomlin. Didn't have a Nordeman or Grant, though!

It'll also keep you up-to-date. For instance, I had never even heard of Sanctus Real until recently. Chris Sligh, a worship leader at Seacoast Greenville [who wrote the Communion Song you can download] opened for them last Friday night. Click the links - most artist websites have clips to their hit songs so you can at least be familiar with them.

LINKS 08.22.06

>Opps - I forgot to upload my Bolton Castle backgrounds from last week! Here they are. Use 'em in worship projection.

>Chord Chart Wizard: WorshipIdeas subscriber John Huss writes: "Chord Chart Wizard is a free software program designed primarily for worship leaders, to automate the creation of documents like: music (chord charts), overheads, Powerpoint, song sheets (handouts), and set lists. Whether you're a full-time worship pastor, a college worship leader, a guitar player, or a jazz musican, this program can save you time and make your music and materials look more professional."

Check it out and let me know what you think.

> Free countdown from MediaShout.

>ChristianAudio.com offers a free audio book download each month.

NEWS 08.22.06

>SermonSpice.com has a special 2 for 1 sale for WorshipFilms.com product until Aug. 31.

>WorshipHouseMedia is offering all downloadable HighwayVideos for 50% off!

>Craig Lillard of SermonVideos.com [they offer an exclusive discount for WorshipMax subscribers!] tells me he's got a new website up, RevoStock.com. Each month they have a freebie.

The idea here is it's a website to download raw stock footage, to be edited into something useful. Says Craig: "If you have a media team or anyone on your staff that producers videos for your church, you need to have them check out this new site that actually makes stock footage affordable. www.revostock.com provides professional/editing quality footage and motion backgrounds for your video projects for only $15. All of the footage is instantly downloadable.

>Check out worship media guru Greg Atkinson's new blog ChurchVideoIdeas.com.

>Integrity's new Scripture in Song recordings: the last time they tried this in the mid 90s I heard it flopped - word for word Scripture verses set to music. I should know, my first cut as a new Nashville songwriter was on one of those CDs! Have you heard it?

>Worship goes retro! How did "As the Deer" end up in CCLI's top 25 this week?

LINKS 08.15.06

Free worship background set from ChristianCollages.com.

Download free cross backgrounds from eyeeffectsworship.com.

Free still backgrounds from floodgateproductions.com [click free download in bottom right corner.]

Software: make your chord charts into PDF files with CutePDF.

Tutorial: Using PowerPoint in Worship by Tim Eason.

NEWS 08.15.06

Barna: How Americans See Themselves

Tips for churches transitioning from traditional to contemporary worship from Rick Muchow.

Traditionalists push for revival of old-time religious music

The "word" is that Word Music is on its last leg... latest news is longtime Word choral guy David Guthrie has just left.

LINKS 08.08.06

Arts & Crafts Project! In this week's WorshipIdeas blog I talk about the new postmodern stations that Seacoast Church is doing during their praise and worship time. I have pics at Flickr, and you can download graphics to make your own Scripture verse scrolls.

I took lots of pics during my recent trip to England, and I want to post them here as worship projection backgrounds - cool castles, stone crosses, etc. Check out my Flickr page and see the different ways I've applied effects to a single picture. Please post comments and let me know which effects you like the best. I'll edit all my pics and upload them here, exclusively for WorshipMax subscribers.

The Seacoast resource page has some free sermon graphics.

Free songs from WorshipTogether.

LINKS 08.01.06

New, free video from WorshipHouseMedia.com: 1 motion, 2 stills.

WorshipTogether's current free song is Everlasting God by Brenton Brown. I'm crazy about this song!!

...and here's an article on band dynamics from Brenton.

Keyboard stuff: ideas, improv, how to read charts, etc.
- from Mark Hayes
- from James Stevens

This week at WorshipIdeas: read about my trip to LifeChurch.tv.

NEWS 08.01.06

A hip-hop church! What took 'em so long... I predicted this 2 years ago when I heard that rap is the most popular music form in the USA. Read the Newsweek article, see a video and enjoy the hip-hop version of Psalm 23!

Speaking of unusual churches, did you know there's a whole bunch of cowboy churches out there? Read more.

Churches Putting Town Out of Business!

LINKS 07.25.06

Free flag video loop.

A ton of free background stills from yourworshipsource.com.

Free worship song from Integrity. From Gateway Church in Dallas - it sounds United-ish.

WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffeth suggests the free Copernic Desktop Search tool to keep track of files on your PC.

Crop, rotate and other simple adjustments to your worship backgrounds through the website snipshot.com.

NEWS 07.25.06

This looks cool - software that will transpose your music tracks.

LINKS 07.18.06

DigitalQueue.com: a website where you can download demos of Finale, Sibelius, MediaShout and others.

Video downloads from NAMB.

Media4Ministry.com is going out of business - they have a free worship presentation software downoad. Haven't tested it, but check it out.

Tons of background images at bigfoto.com.

Download Brenton Brown / Paul Baloches' Hosanna at WorshipTogether. I love this song!

Get a free video clip by registering at ArtBeats.com.

NEWS 07.18.06

Make your own church sign at churchsigngenerator.com

Read an article about worship leader Aaron Keyes (click PDF of Text Version at left column.) I featured Aaron a few years ago here.

Catalyst interviews Eugene Peterson, creator of The Message.

Article on the popularity of worship from Christianity Today.

LINKS 07.11.06

Wow, what a website! I stumbled across LeadingWorship.com the other day. Tons of abstract still backgrounds, 20 looping motion backgrounds, Scripture backgrounds and other praise team ideas... service order templates, key conversion chart and scheduling templates. Have fun!

Artistic hymn lyric song sheets. Talented graphic artist Diana Coate Wolverton's website, HymnScript.com, offers these sheets for free. Nice free stuff, and lots of it.

I've written in the past how I'm crazy about loops [more on that.] Here's a good article on loops by the music director of Soul Survivor in England.

SermonVideos.com is celebrating their one year anniversary by offering a year's subscription for $99.99. They have a new, free background video loop too.

NEWS 07.11.06

Church 3.0: a quick rundown on how the church is morphing by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle.

LINKS 07.04.06

Pro results from Windows Movie Maker! Free tutorials and inexpensive plugins.

New song from WorshipTogether: "For Your Glory" by Matt Maher. Matt wrote the Chris Tomlin hit "Your Grace is Enough" which is currently my favorite praise song!

ImageVine.com is offering 20% off jpeg and PowerPoint images the month of July. Use code 7770. They also have a free monthly image.

NEWS 07.04.06

WorshipFilms has a new volume out from their popular Long Plays series. Don't forget, you get a WorshipMax discount with them!

I'm on "The Simpsons!" A friend of mine is an animator for "The Simpsons" TV show and he sometimes draws Simpsonized versions of his friends into the episodes. Take a look of the Simpsonized version of me on my MySpace page. (Click the blog entry.)

Chris Surratt, campus pastor of Seacoast Greenville, was featured in last week's Greenville News. He laughed about how they tried to find a hook for the story - he's now known as the rebel pastor!

Lately I've been struck by how there are 2 distinct cultures today: a church culture and a non-church culture. Dan Kimball (author of Emerging Worship) found a sad picture on the Internet - a Bible with a warning label on it. Is this what most people think of the Bible?

LINKS 06.27.06

Magazine Discount! For the past year I've subscribed to Worship Musician Magazine and have loved it. What you get there is practicality and how-to, something you don't get that much in other worship publications. Now, I'm excited to announce that WorshipMax subscribers receive a 20% discount off this awesome magazine! Download this PDF, fax it or mail it in for your discount! Great for summertime reading : )

Free song from Integrity Music.

Free songs from WorshipTogether, including the popular In Christ Alone.

Free butterfly loop from TheWorkOfThePeople.com.

Free patriotic video loop at SermonVideos.com.

NEWS 06.27.06

I've gone web 2.0 - check out my Blogger blog and MySpace page! At the MySpace blog I have links to some Seacoast artists you might enjoy.

10 Questions with Thomas Miller. This guy is the worship pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, one of the fastest growing churches in America. In this article he talks about what he's learned from the book Purple Cow by marketing guru Seth Godin. WorshipIdeas.com was featured as one of his "99 Cows" in the companion ebook, which you can download for free.

Fervent About God and World Cup Soccer. The congregation at the Full Gospel New York Church watches the South Korea-Switzerland match. The minister installed the television screens to attract people to his church.

What Makes a Great Worship Leader?

LINKS 06.20.06

A new website, WorshipBacks.org, has a few freebies.

New song by Chris Tomlin at WorshipTogether.

Seacoast is going postmodern! Chris Surratt [campus pastor of Seacoast Greenville] emailed me some pics of Dan Kimball's Vintage Faith Church doing postmodern stuff. Take a look. This Sunday Seacoast is overhauling their services, complete with communion, prayer and offering stations to be used during the worship music! Dan Kimball wrote one of the ground-breaking books on postmodern worship, The Emerging Church.

This week's Worshipidea newsletter [I started a new blog where you can post comments] is about Seacoast Church and the multisite church movement. Here are more links:

Multisite info at Wikipedia

The Multisite Church by Dave Ferguson


Multi Site Church - links, articles

Insights from the Multi-Site Church

Geoff Surratt's blog: Multi-Site pastor at Seacoast.

NEWS 06.20.06

Tucson church rises on the rock of U2

Barna: House Church Involvement Is Growing

Changes Coming to Catholic Mass

And in the "mainline denominations continue descent into Hell" category:

Presbyterians 'Receive' Policy on Worship

New US church leader says homosexuality no sin

LINKS 06.13.06

Free Father's Day Graphics: download these by Wednesday, June 14!

More free graphics: fireworks, patriotic.

Looking for hymn lyrics? Here are some great searching tips from NameThatHymn.com.

Free song from Brenton Brown [author of Lord, Reign in Me.] Check out his website - he has video tutorials and free chord charts for the songs on his new recording, including his hits "Lord, Reign in Me" and "Hallelujah" - click "songs" at the top. You might also enjoy articles under the "thoughts" section. Wow, I really like this guy's music, I'm gonna have to get his new CD [hear some songs from his MySpace page.]

Download 6 free songs from Sparrow worship leaders.

Here's a cool looping cross video.

Another free video from Organic Videos.

NEWS 06.13.06

no news

LINKS 06.06.06

Need a quick metronome? I did the other day, and ran one, free, from a browser! MetronomeOnline.com.

Take a survey from ImageVine, get 6 free images and 10% off a purchase. Good until June 15.

ImageVine also offers a free image each month.

GoodSalt is starting to offer a free monthly image.

WorshipHouseMedia has a 4th of July loop and Fathers Day still image.

New, free song from Integrity: "We Speak to Nations."

Free song from David Crowder.

The new, free WorshipIdeas song is by Kirk Dearman, author of "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise."

NEWS 06.06.06

I've been in England for the past two weeks. Make sure you read my report on Hillsong London in this week's WorshipIdeas.

Yay! WorshipHouseMedia finally is searchable!

Read this great USAToday article about Rick Warren.

Billy Foote (You Are My King, Sing to the King) has a new CD.

Local church leaders cite secrets of success

Barna: Half of Americans Say Faith Has “Greatly Transformed” Their Life.

Some mainline churches try new styles of worship.

LINKS 05.16.06-05.30.06

Check out songquery.com

This is quite an amazing website: Pandora.com. Type in an artist and it will play, like a radio station, similar music you might like.

Songwriters! Download the Christian Songwriter Network's free toolbar for your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. It comes with links to songwriting and Bible resources.

Project melody and lyrics with Powerpoint at digitalsongsandhymns.com. How retro!

Weird! Divine vegetation in tutor's garden.

Check out my new special report: The top 20 songs from Hillsong!

Free DaVinci Code videos from SermonSpice: Josh McDowell, interview.

Free software! Screen Monkey is a program that allows you to seamlessly switch between different types of media and directly full screen them to a second monitor.

NEWS 05.16.06-05.30.06

Barna: Da Vinci Code Confirms Rather Than Changes People’s Religious Views.

WorshipTogether special: 20% all sheet music from their website when you use the code SM519 at checkout.

Catalyst podcast with Donald Miller.

Church Marketing Sucks!

Is Oprah a spiritual leader for the new millenium?

Church shopping from King of the Hill.

LINKS 05.09.06

Cool BlogLink: bloggingchurch.com.

Free song from Integrity/Brian Doerksen [he wrote "Come Now is the Time to Worship."] Here's an article about him. Brian's a nice guy - he once wrote an article for the WorshipIdeas newsletter.

New song from WorshipTogether.

Here's an article about Chris Tomlin. You know who he is, right?

Free keyboard arrangement from Word: Carol Tornquist's When I Survey [PDF]

Need a new job? Take a look at the new church staffing links.

NEWS 05.09.06

I'm fascinated with church growth - why, or why it doesn't happen. I just read Development Barriers to Church Growth - it's a $5 download. You get it free if you buy High Impact Church Planting.

This is cool - a midi controller keyboard wrapped around a pole that straps on like a guitar: themusicpole.com.

Here's an article about churches who find a home in retail sites.

LINKS 05.02.06

What a great article: download this PDF from Vineyard with practical tips for creating a successful praise set and worship time.

Every heard of the phenomena called LifeChurch? It's a growing video campus church movement like Seacoast. They have free downloads.

Find music that fits your taste at the cool website last.fm.

Napster lets you listen to a song 5 times before paying. Article. This sounded good when I first heard it, but when I signed up I found that the song is of a low sound quality. Still, it might be useful to hear songs that you're interested in - try it to hear the full versions of Nich Lachey's "What's Left of Me" and Kutless' "We Fall Down" that I talked about in this week's blog.

NEWS 05.02.06

Mother's Day resources at the Shoutable Store.

Barna: Harry Potter’s Influence Goes Unchallenged in Most Homes and Churches.

Apple sets tune for pricing of song downloads.

PENTECOSTALISM: Religion celebrates 100 years.

LINKS 04.25.06

New discount: Check out MyWorshipBand.com. It's a new website that will help you manage your praise team [watch the demo.]

Connect with this link to get the discount (or you can use the promo code worshipmax.) You sign up [CR8 ACCOUNT on the front page] and then will be led into the payment process. The website subscription is normally $24.00/month but you'll get it at the special WorshipMax price of $19.00/month.

Wow - a bunch of graphic downloads: images, moving backgrounds, from the Vine - a young adult service at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. [A swag bag is slang for a gift bag.] Thanks, WorshipMax subscriber Nancy Kunze - you've won 6 more months. By the way, Nancy has given me so many great links she has won a total of 21 free months at WorshipMax. Got links? Let me know and you'll win free months.

WorshipTogether has a new, free song download by Brenton Brown, author of "Lord Reign in Me."

Free video download from BarnaFilms about the Davinci Code.

Free graphic "Where's the Beef" from WorshipGraphics.

I mentioned in this week's WorshipIdeas newsletter that Travis Cottrell's song "Alive Forever Amen" has become a popular Easter hit. I hadn't heard it before - maybe you haven't, either.

NEWS 04.25.06

Davinci code resources:



WorshipHouseMedia - looping backs, countdowns, stills

Mother's & Father's Day graphics from WorshipGraphics.

Barna: Americans have commitment issues.

Check out these maps of the USA that show concentrations of different religions.

Creative church signs from upstate SC.

Small Churches Fight for Survival.

Pentecostals Celebrate World's Fastest-Growing Religion.

LINKS 04.18.06

Google Calendar! This new, free online calendar is supposedly the best and easiest to use. I plan on using it with my ministry. USAToday article. Google Calendar link.

Free song from Integrity Music "At The Foot Of The Cross", by Kathryn Scott [author of "Hungry."]

New song by Mercy Me: "Safe and Sound." Download a free MP3 for a limited time.

Maranatha music is giving away free charts for a new CD. Click on the left side of the page at "download chord charts."

For next year - this guy has Good Friday images and more stuff.

Blasts from the past: check out some of these old links that are still working: free downloads from Sovereign Grace, 2 songs from Parachute Music [wow - I forgot what a great song "Complete" is - I'm going to have to start doing that one again!] Look at all the choices for worship projection software! Free images from EmergingMinister.com. Free videos from EmergingMinister.com. At one point I was crazy for drum loops.

NEWS 04.18.06

Hollywood is starting to wise up that there's a Christian market!

The Rite of Baptism trickles away.

Escape from Consumer Church.

LINKS 04.11.06

FlickrLeech: looking for images/backgrounds on the popular image website Flickr? Use this website to find more, faster.

The new riya is a similar photo sharing website, except it has the cool feature that it can supposedly identify and find pictures of people!

WholeHeartedWorship has a new free song with audio MP3 and sheet music. It's written by Chris Eaton, an old-timer CCMer who I used to love (he wrote some of my Amy Grant hits like "Breath of Heaven" "O Little Town" and "Sharayah.")

NEWS 04.11.06

Left Behind has become a video game!

This is SO cool! The University of California is digitizing old cylinder recordings from the early 20th century! Listen online.

WorshipPhotos is offering a 10% discount by using this code on the order page: SC200 - They also have some free graphics.

LINKS 04.04.06

Software! Well, this isn't software you download and install, it's online image editing software: http://pxn8.com/ - great for tweaking worship backgrounds.

WorshipHouseMedia has 2 new Easter themed video loop downloads.

Check out their House Collection of Easter resources. Download their free leaders guide with verse and song suggestions.

ImageVine is having a 25% off sale on Easter stuff for 7 days.

Integrity's free monthly song is by Hillsongs United (requires free registration.)

NEWS 04.04.06

People that go to church live longer!

Paul Baloche is coming out with a new worship CD.

This month's House Guest at WorshipHouseMedia.com has created an interesting site called GodiPod.com.

Check out my newly redesigned WorshipIdeas.com.

Cool software the colorizes black and white photos.

LINKS 03.28.06

New Easter song from WorshipTogether: "On the Third Day." It's co-written by Matt Maher, the Catholic who wrote Chris Tomlin's "Your Grace is Enough." Download a Windows Media File. Download sheet music. Nice!

WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffith suggests this link with several downloadable mission-themed CCM music videos from artists like Travis Cottrel, Scott Wesley Brown, Audio Adrenaline and Rebecca St. James. From the International Mission Board.

Download a free Easter background (actually a palm branch so it's really good for Palm Sunday) from Easterbackgrounds.com. It's at the bottom of the page.

NEWS 03.28.06

Chuck Colson doesn't like praise music! Read about it on his website. Read commentary. Here's mine: yuck! He's obviously into data-stream worship (where one must quote doctrinal statements to believe one is worshiping.) Read my article about data-stream worship.

Barna reports that more are claiming to be born again Christians.

More from Barna: Spirituality May Be Hot in America, But 76 Million Adults Never Attend Church.

LINKS 03.21.06

Wow! Download 9 video clips from Essentials! And here's another one on the 10 Commandments! Requires free registration.

SermonSpice has a free man on the street Easter video.

Download a new vocal demo MP3 for the Easter/general version of "I Adore You."

NEWS 03.21.06

SermonVideos.com has new Easter resources. So does SermonSpice.com.

Prince is cleaning up his act!

This is very interesting - an article that gives a reason for the shift of conservatisim in the USA.

This'll blow your mind. A company has invented software that will extract polyphonic music from an audio source piano recording, no matter the quality, and then converts it into MIDI files. Read more and hear a before and after demo.

LINKS 03.14.06

Read about Easter resources from WorshipHouseMedia's Greg Atkinson - there's a whole bunch.

2006 Easter Media Review [.doc]
Easter Ideas [.doc]

Free Easter charts from WorshipTogether, including "In Christ Alone" and "The Wonderful Cross."

NEWS 03.14.06

Time Magazine had an article on home churches.

The Cello Rondo: Watch a video of this guy - he's recorded this piece entirely on a cello by overdubbing parts. Amazing and hilarious!

LINKS 03.07.06

It's Bob Kauflin week at WorshipMax - he's the Director of Worship Development for Sovereign Grace Ministries. Read a few of his thoughts on a worship leader's job. These short articles come from his website, worshipmatters.com, where you can hear some of his music (listen to the nice "Receive the Glory" on the right side of the page,) and read other articles (I enjoyed his songwriting ideas.)

WorshipMax subscriber Gary Griffith suggests you hear the new song A Salvation Prayer.

Download Aaron Keyes' lovely ballad Flood Over Me from WholeHeartedWorship. You can also read more about Aaron here at WorshipMax and download another song.

The Blue Letter Bible is a free Bible search website with all kinds of nifty resources: charts, references, study helps, images and maps.

Journey to the Cross song: Download the newly recorded vocal demo for the new Easter / communion song I wrote with Tim Light. It's the free song of the month at WorshipIdeas.com.

NEWS 03.07.06

Read about Tim Keller and Redeemer Pres., a booming church in New York City. The New York Times did an article about it.

LINKS 02.28.06

Here's one way WorshipMax can work for you. Read about how I discovered a new praise song using my own website!

Looping video: Download a free looping video background from Digital Hotcakes. They've come out with a few new volumes. I like their stuff because it's so versatile - use in your DVD player, use as an mpeg file in worship projection software, use a still image. Don't forget that WorshipMax subscribers get $10 off any volume.

NEWS 02.28.06

Software synth: A few weeks ago I talked about Sonar, my computer recording software, in the Worshipideas newsletter [read it.] If you're interested in this stuff, check out Cakewalk's new Dimension Pro. It's an all-in-one, bread-and-butter software synth that has everything - keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, synth sounds, plus the very cool and handy Garritan Pocket Orchestra!

More paradigm shifts from postmodern author Donald Miller. Check out other articles on the right.

More Journey! Tim Light and I have written a new song for Lent...Easter and, of course, you can use it for communion. It's called... Journey to the Cross! It's the free song of the month at WorshipIdeas.com.

LINKS 02.21.06

Video downloads from The Work of the People. This company was started by the former head of HighwayVideo.com. It's super postmodern stuff - a little bit too "out there" for my group, but you might enjoy it:

One of their Easter offerings, a music video by The Choir called Rescue Me.

Visual Liturgy: Lent 2 Mark 8

Visual Liturgy: Lent 4 Psalm 107

Visual Liturgy: Good Friday Psalm 22

Free download of the month from SermonSpice.

Big, free download package with graphics and video from Graphics4Worship.com.

NEWS 02.21.06

Happy President's Day! Read about George Washington's faith.

Hymns return to contemporary churches! The Dallas Morning News, requires free registration.

Resource idea from the WorshipIdeas newsletter: Tangled cords? Check out the handy wrap-n-strap: http://www.wrapnstrap.com

More Journey! Tim Light and I have written a new song for Lent...Easter and, of course, you can use it for communion. It's called... Journey to the Cross! You'll find it later this week at Worshipideas.com [I'm currently mixing it down, but the lead sheet is now available.]

LINKS 02.14.06

Flower images for Easter, Mother's Day. You'll need a little graphic editing experience to format these for worship projection.

Web Gallery of Art: ancient images that work great for postmoderns.

WorshipOne.org: articles, links, practical tips and music from Calvary Chapel Perris Valley.

Web Transpose Tool: use this website to transpose simple "WordCharts" (lyrics/chords charts.)

The articles archive is up! Next step is to make it searchable.

NEWS 02.14.06

Kanye West thinks he should be in the Bible.

WorshipFilms has been to the Holy Land. Check out their stills and looping videos.

Let me say again that I really like SermonVideos.com and use their stuff alot. Two weeks ago I used their new drops exclusively for communion, and imbedded their Nothing But the Blood clip in my praise set (and matched it with my HymnCharts version of the hymn.) This website is the brainchild of Craig Lillard, and he creates all the content. It's a great all-around video website to have, check out their subscription.

LINKS 02.07.06

Check the monthly freebie list. I know there are 3 new loop freebies at WorshipHouseMedia.

New songwriting articles. I discovered a dead, forgotten website with links to a few Vineyard articles.

NEWS 02.07.06

What's wrong with NBC? Britney Spears is appearing on Will & Grace as a conservative Christian. This on the back of the recently canceled NBC show "The Book of Daniel." What kind of morons are running this network?

Narnia 2: #1 was an official smash, and smashes get sequeled.

I'm a big Sonar fanatic. Read this week's WorshipIdeas for recording tips.

LINKS 01.31.06

QuikLinks: Try out these new, exclusive links pages. You'll especially like the Monthly Freebies list.

Songwriting tips: Tommy Walker's website has several articles on songwriting.

WorshipMax songwriting links, tutorial: 10 steps to writing good worship songs.

MasterWriter discount! Get $70.00 off this software for serious songwriters. (scroll down to the bottom of discount page.) Read review.

Free video: SermonVideos.com has a new looping background (click "free video" on right) plus $20.00 off a subscription (this week only.)

LINKS 01.24.06

Hymn histories: Here's a great website with hymn histories and other info on hymns.

Online church: churces are starting to video tape their services. It's a great way for worship leaders to check out other churches (something I love to do!) Watch Holland Davis' church (writer of "Let It Rise") - Ocean Hills.

Visionondemand.net is a paid subscription website, but you can read several idea articles with a free login.

Updated discount page - these discounts on select worship resources are now verified and working.

NEWS 01.24.06

Journey to the Cross: check out this new Easter devotional guide from Mark Taylor, the discipleship pastor at my church.

Paradigm Shifts: Part 1: Postmodern author Donald Miller talks about how his views on ministry have changed.

New Year Resolutions: Read this good word from Greg Atkinson.

LINKS 01.17.06

Drama: Worshipideas subscriber Becky Pottinger emailed me about a talented Christian drama group. Online scripts for sale here.

PowerPointAnswers.com: All kinds of help articles about PowerPoint.

AvSuperstore.com: Worshipideas subscriber Bill Manninge tells me that the company he works for has started a new division that sells tech gear to churches.

Majesty: WorshipMax subscriber Chris Hart writes "One of the songs that we are going to do in the month of January is the Caedmon's Call version of "Majesty". This song is in the Red WOW Worship book but you can get a free leadsheet version of the song from the Creative Worship website." You may have to login to get the pdf file.

Monthly freebie from Midnight Oil.

NEWS 01.17.06

Carrie Underwood: The Country American Idol winner has the fastest-selling debut Country album (currently at #1 on the Country chart, #2 on the Billboard 200) in SoundScan's history. The first smash single is the surprisingly blatantly Christian "Jesus, Take the Wheel." News 1. News 2. Hear a clip at Carrie's website.

Is God dead in Europe? When I first visited UK worship leader Tim Light 2 years ago in England, I was surprised at how un-Christian the country is. Interesting USAToday article.

Nearly half of US churches don't have a website! Anthony Copeledge's blog. Get on the stick - I'm surprised at the people that visit my church simply because of the info on our website!

Google video: Google is taking on iTunes. But what's cool is that anyone who creates videos can sell them on the site, with Google taking a small percentage. Maybe you can start selling your own church video creations! (It doesn't look like you can import Google video into worship projection software as the videos only play in Google's own video player.) Beware of this website - it will suck hours out of your life!

LINKS 01.10.06

Tech ideas from worship tech guru Anthony Copeledge's blog.

The Google Pack is a bundled bunch of Google stuff. Don't download RealPlayer or the hideous Norton Antivirus! [computer guru Leo Laport says the Norton Antivirus is the worst thing you could ever load on your computer!]

WorshipMax subscriber Nancy Kunze writes "Yet another great free graphic website for those of us on the prowl: www.pixelperfectdigital.com."

NEWS 01.10.06

Bose: Santa bought me a pair of Bose computer speakers from Sam's Club. I love them - amazing bass without a clumsy bass amp and clean, crisp sound. (Amazing for computer monitors, anyway.)

Church consumerism: NYTimes article (front page!) about people who attend different churches in the course of a week or a month, picking and choosing among programs and services, to satisfy social and spiritual needs. Might require free registration.

I just got Vicky Beeching's new CD. She's a talented young UK worship leader on the WorshipTogether label. Good pop/rock worship, great songs (her "Yesterday, Today and Forever" and "Above All Else" are becoming standards) and a good recording. I met her at the recent Christian Musician Summit Conference in Seattle and was quite impressed. She's one to watch.

Cool new piano: This 80 year old English dude claims to have solved temperment problems that plague pianos with his Apental piano. Read more and hear samples. The tuning is beautiful and unique.

Postmoderns in the news: FastCompany has an interesting article on the quirks of postmoderns in the workplace. Excerpt: "Four generations are being asked to coexist at once: traditionalists (born before 1945), boomers (born 1946-1964), generation X (1965-1977), and millennials (alternately known as gen-Y, echo boomers, Net gen, and even "generation why," because they never stop questioning the status quo). Managers will be challenged to minimize the friction and maximize the assets of four distinct sets of work values and styles simultaneously."

How does this translate to your church?

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