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If you've ever seen the Hillsong section in the music department of your local Christian bookstore, you've noticed what seems to be 100 different CDs! With so many songs to sort through, which ones are the gems?

Here's my list of the top 20 songs, in alphabetical order, from Hillsong. If you have any suggestions of favorites that have worked in your church, email me.

The problem with Hillsong is that you can never find all the songs you want on one CD. The popular songs overlap - you can find the greatest number of these top 20 songs on the Ultimate Worship CD, although you can find most of them between the Platinum 1 and 2 editions. "I Will Never Be" is from the old Geoff Bullock days (Darlene's predecessor) and is hard to find.

song soundclip find it
Better Than Life Ultimate Worship
Blessed Shout to the Lord Platinum 2
Eagle's Wings Shout to the Lord Platinum 1
Every Day Ultimate Worship
Hear Our Praises Shout to the Lord Platinum 1
I Give You My Heart Ultimate Worship
I Will Never Be the Same Again
Jesus, Lover of My Soul Shout to the Lord Platinum 1
King of Majesty Shout to the Lord Platinum 2
Made Me Glad Ultimate Worship
My Redeemer Lives Ultimate Worship
Now That You're Near Ultimate Worship
One Way Ultimate Worship
The Potter's Hand Ultimate Worship
Power of Your Love Shout to the Lord Platinum 1
Salvation is Here God He Reigns
Shout to the Lord Ultimate Worship
Show Me Your Ways Shout to the Lord Platinum 1
Worthy is the Lamb Ultimate Worship
You Are My World Shout to the Lord Platinum 2

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