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Exclusive! The WorshipMax Fall Collection: 9 Fall still backgrounds with and without distressed edges.

Still backgrounds from ReelWorship.com.

Are you singing God of Wonders? Try using some images from the Hubble Telescope.

Tons of pics for worship backgrounds at the Flickr-type site WebShots

Thinkerlabs.ca has 14 free video and graphics downloads, meant to be used as sermon starters and themes.

Still worship backgrounds gallery from FishFoodMedia.co.uk.

Almost 100 still images for backgrounds from VideoInWorship.com.

Free stills from VisualWorship.com. The cloud sequence is really nice.

Download all kinds of nice still backgrounds from Lakeview Church. Really professional stuff.

Download worship backgrounds I made from a recent trip to the UK:
Bolton Castle
Romsey Abbey

1000 worship photos on Resonate's Flickr pool [a grouping of images at Flickr.] Direct link.

Point of Power worship background gallery.

Tons of background images at bigfoto.com.

Free worship background set from ChristianCollages.com.

I stumbled across LeadingWorship.com the other day. Tons of abstract still backgrounds, 20 looping motion backgrounds, Scripture backgrounds and other praise team ideas... service order templates, key conversion chart and scheduling templates. Have fun!

Download free cross backgrounds from eyeeffectsworship.com.

Free still backgrounds from floodgateproductions.com [click free download in bottom right corner.]

A ton of free background stills from yourworshipsource.com.

Free images from EmergingMinister.com

Web Gallery of Art: ancient images that work great for postmoderns.

Flower images for Easter, Mother's Day. You'll need a little graphic editing experience to format these for worship projection.

inzones.com a few background photos for projection (click "free background photos" at the bottom of the page.)

PixelPerfectDigital.com is a huge archive of high-rez images.

Flickr.com is one of the most easy-to-use free photo archives on the Internet. More.

Bible images: Your pastor might like to use these pictures of Biblical places for his sermons - also good images for Easter (tomb, Jerusalem, etc.)

SimplyTheBest.net: need a special font for your pastor's edgy sermon title? I prefer DaFont.com because you can preview text as any font, but beware the "sexy" category.

BarrysFreePhotos.com Download over 2000 images for backgrounds and sermon illustrations.

Stock.xchng: Thousands of high-quality photos for worship projection. More

ChristArt.com: Free Christian clip art that isn't bad! Great for choir newsletters and bulletins.

Easy Background Images for Worship Projection: Learn to make your own with this downloadable WorshipMax PDF tutorial.

Salisbury Church: leaf backgrounds, solid backgrounds, child background, shepherd background.

Projection graphics: Download samples from several graphics websites.

He Has Put a New Song in My Mouth: WorshipMax background and matching image for bulletin with video clip.

WorshipVerse background: learn how to integrate worship verses into your service.

OptiPraise.com: some images from this now-defunct website.

WorshipImages.com: this website offers offers several free, excellent samples from their photo CDs. I've used several in worship, including the clouds, sun and praying hands. Several patriotic images. I've never ordered the disc so I can't vouch for the rest of the content.

GoodSalt.com: artfully created graphics for worship.

ImageVine.com: Excellent slides for Christmas, Easter and all year. 15% discount for WorshipMax subscribers.

Backgrounds by Aaron Keyes: In addition to being a talented worship leader and songwriter, Aaron also has a graphic arts gift. Download some of his free backgrounds for your worship projection software at his website. And don't forget to download an exclusive mp3 here at WorshipMax.

Sun & Skies: Download sun and sky backgrounds and see how I used them in my service.

Heartlight Scripture graphics: Some of these are quite nice - Scripture verses with graphics for your worship projection. Use them as sermon illustrations, prelude graphics and as a backdrop for an instrumental offering or special.

Worship Image Gallery: Download samples you can use with worship projection of these edgy emerging worship images from Youth Specialties.

Patriotic graphics from ChristianMedia.org: Download 12 patriotic graphics for your worship projection.

Stills for Worship: 4 sample images from WorshipFilms.com's new image collection.

Digital Hotcakes: Download the cool "FireSky" video clip and learn how I added our church logo to it. Plus get a discount!

videos4worship.com a free skit, plus scroll down to the bottom of the page for a few backgrounds.

LyricArt: check out how this church creates lyric slides for their song projection.


How-To Guide 3: Easy Background Graphics for Worship Projection - You can do this, and it's fun to boot!

How-To Guide 5: Easy Background Graphics for Worship Projection Part 2 - this 3 page PDF download will show you how to create a smooth, even image from a Google image search.

Spice up your slides: Learn how to add some pizzaz to your worship background images.

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