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logged in Sunday, July 05

I'm on the Internet all day - checking email, ordering and downloading music, and looking for the latest and greatest online resources for WorshipMax.com.

I noticed that my computer was getting slower and slower. Finally, one day it just wouldn't shut down so I pulled the plug!

I have my virus software up to date so I was pretty sure I didn't have a virus problem. What I did have was a spyware problem.

Spyware are nasty, hidden programs that are slipped into your computer without you even knowing it. You can visit a website or download software and catch one of these things. It isn't considered a virus so your virus software won't catch it. Spyware clogs up your system because these hidden programs are watching what you do on the Internet and sending back data to their sources to track your habits. All in the name of marketing, of course! (Don't worry - I don't track you on any of my websites - I don't believe in doing that, and even if I did, I don't have the time!)

I learned about two free programs that will detect and delete spyware. Between the two of them you should be able to clean up your computer.

After running AdAware I found 153 spyware programs on my computer! Then Spybot found a few that AdAware didn't catch. After cleaning my computer was completely back to normal. I couldn't believe how these pesky programs slowed my system.

Download these free, fully functioning spyware detectors, read the easy instructions and let me know what you find on your system!

AdAware Personal Edition: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/
They try to hide the free version - look on the left navigation, select "Ad-Aware Personal."

Spybot: http://www.safer-networking.org/

Review of Spybot from TechTV.
Review of AdAware from TechTV.

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