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logged in Thursday, October 21
QuikLinks: music graphics video monthly freebies

Welcome to QuikLinks - links to help contemporary worship leaders quickly find resources online! Listed are websites that have paid or free downloads (aren't we all looking for stuff on Saturday night? Who has time for shipping!) You might want to bookmark this page for quick reference. Here's how I use these pages:

MUSIC: If I need to have one of my soloists sing a special CCM tune for an offertory or after the sermon, I'll surf to these MP3 websites, download the song, burn a CD and take it with me to rehearsal. I'll give the soloist the CD so he/she can learn the song. I'll surf over to one of the sheet music websites and hopefully find downloadable sheet music (the publishing industry is just waking up to the fact that we all like downloadable music, so the pickings are currently slim.)

GRAPHICS: I have an artistic bent, so I like to create my own background slides for worship projection (I help with bulletin graphics and our church website, too.) These links help me find graphics fast.

VIDEO: As more and more websites come online with video clips, it's becoming time consuming to find just the right clip to imbed in my praise set or support the pastor's sermon.

MONTHLY FREEBIES: Many websites offer monthly samples of their resources. If you like to scavenge for free resources, surf these links once a month.

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