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logged in Friday, December 03

Planning is usually anathema to creative worship leader types. But I've found something that might make your life a bit easier.

A few weeks ago I taught a class at the Christian Musician Summit in Seattle and met Jeff Berg. He's created a fantastic worship planning resource website.

I've been waiting for somebody to create a website like this and it looks like Jeff finally has.

There are other websites on the Internet that help you plan your services, but any that I've seen are too complicated and wayyyy too expensive.

Jeff understands what is being referred to as "Web 2.0." It's the second wave of the Internet - easy to use websites that are popping up all over.

Seacoast Greenville's campus pastor Chris Surratt has been using it for the past few weeks and loves it. He can plan the service order, email the whole band to quickly schedule rehearsals and print out a clean, readable service order sheet for the tech crew, directors and PowerPointer people. For free.

Yeah, Jeff lets you use the website for free! And I'm sure many smaller ministries won't need anything more than the free version.

If you have a larger ministry, or would like to post chord charts and MP3s, you can pay extra. The rates are the most reasonable you'll find, and you get an exclusive WorshipMax discount! You MUST follow this link to receive the discount! Once at the website, click the "sign up now or see our pricing" button and you'll see the discounts. If you want to post chord charts, he's even implemented a very handy key changing feature.

Take a look at PlanningCenterOnline.com. I think Jeff has brought together everything worship leaders need in one attractive, affordable package.

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