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logged in Thursday, December 03

I took one of the free OptiPraise song backgrounds and added my own personal touch using my graphics program. You can use the free PhotoPlus graphic editing program to make your own (this free software does not let you make cool shadows under text, but will let you make the text opaque.) Also, read my PDF tutorial on creating background graphics.

Now, here's what I did to spice up my backgrounds. I made a set of two master slides for each Christmas carol we did last Sunday.

1. The first slide had the song title (white at 90% opaque with a blue shadow) and a very faint, cursive graphic (white at 15% opaque) of a key word from the title.

2. The second slide just had the faint cursive graphic. I used this slide for the rest of my lyrics.

I also cut, pasted and moved the original OptiPraise snowflake image from the bottom left corner so it wouldn't get in the way of my cursive graphic. We use regular white PowerPoint text with a bold Arial font.

Click on an image and the full graphic will fill your screen. RIGHT click the enlarged image, select something like "save as" or "save picture as" to manually save the image to your hard drive

original slide
from OptiPraise
I added title and
cursive "Hark"
used for the
rest of lyrics

I did this for each carol we sang (O Come, O Come Emmaunel with a cursive Emmanuel) and so on. I kept the all the large cursive words at about 900 point for consistency. If the entire cursive word didn't fit on the slide at 900 points, it was okay, it's just graphic touch:

original slide
from OptiPraise
doesn't have to
fit perfectly

Font: for the cursive font I used the free Scriptina font. Download it for Mac or Windows (Windows users will want the TrueType version.)

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