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logged in Thursday, December 03

We sing to Heaven every week, so clouds and skies are some of my favorite backgrounds. Here's an online library of computer-generated skies and suns. You'll find a little over 100 images between the two links, plus download my own images at the bottom of this page.



Here's how I used some of these images last week. (Download my graphics tutorial for a basic how-to on making your own backgrounds.)

I created my master slide 720x540. I sized one of the skies to fit, cutting off the bottom horizon. The sky was too light so I played with my photo editing program's color, contrast and brightness settings until the slide became darker, but still looked good. (You want to have good contrast on projected slides - either a dark background with lighter lyrics, or a light background with darker lyrics.) This slide became my master for all my lyrics slides.

We did the HymnCharts version of All Creatures of Our God and King and I added a slight graphic touch for some of the verses.

Using one of the Suns, I cropped just the sun part, and made it slightly transparent - my software has a transparent gradient tool. I played with the image so the bottom of the sun was hardly transparent, and the transparency intensified to the top of the image until it faded completely into the sky image.

I did a Yahoo image search for "moon," found a nice image, cropped it (feathering the mask edges) and pasted it into the sky slide.

Take a look at my examples - click on the small image and the full image will load into your browser which you can save to your hard drive and use for your own service.

master sky slide welcome slide sky slide with transparent sun sky slide with cropped moon
All Creatures
title slide
lyrics with
sun slide
lyrics with
moon slide
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