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Download this zipped sample package of 8 ImageVine backgrounds:

ImageVine.zip - 1,201 KB

ImageVine.zip (1,201 KB)

15% discount off any ImageVine.com order: please use this code on the checkout page to receive your discount:



Review from 03/16/04 newsletter:

What a great website! I used ImageVine backgrounds for Christmas more than any other images. Their Easter graphics are great, too. There's so much to see here - backgrounds, welcome title slides, animations - plus they have a few tutorials and are planning more.

I encourage you to surf around and become familiar with ImageVine - they have a clever interface for viewing their products. Plus, you can order and instantly download your images (or order them on CD if you don't have a fast Internet connection.) Their images are reasonably priced - and it's not too late to add a little pizzazz to your Easter service. Here's a short blurb from ImageVine:

ImageVine is excited to introduce an entirely new concept in online shopping intended to benefit churches of all sizes worldwide. ImageVine features a vast library of professional jpeg and PowerPoint photo backgrounds and illustrations at discounted prices. This site has been constructed to not only provide powerful images created for projector presentations but to provide essential tutorials, resources and tips for churches using digital projectors.
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