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Download this cool mpg video "FireSky" from volume 4, River of Fire.

FireSky MPG video clip - 6184 KB | license text file

You can use it in any worship presentation software. Here's how I used it last week in church (06-27-04.)

I pulled a still image of "FireSky" off the CDROM (the CDROM also acts as a DVD - you can play the video loops in a DVD player as well as pulling off the mpg files for computer use. There are also still images of each video.)

Using a photoediting program, I copied and pasted our cool church logo (created by Steven, aka Mr. PowerPoint) in the slide and clicked the shadow button. I added the word "Welcome" and created a shadow for it, too.

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Now here's where the fun began! We put this slide in PowerPoint and put it on screen. Then we played the "FireSky" video in our DVD player (with the repeat on so it would loop endlessly.) We have a Panasonic video switcher thing that can fade from PowerPoint to the DVD. We made it fade halfway, so you had a combination of the still image mixed with the swirling clouds.

A real video pro could make you a similar image in a fancy (and probably expensive) video editing program, but this way was still cool and very easy.

I really do love the Digital Hotcakes stuff. If you just get one, I'd recommend volume 2 LookingUp. It has clouds and sunsets over the ocean, plus a nice fireworks video perfect for July 4! My second favorite is volume 1 enLighten with the shimmering church window and the RainbowRock texture that we used when Mitch sang "If We Are the Body" (Casting Crowns.) Click on the images to get an idea of the video.

Exclusive discount: from Diana Teeters at Digital Hotcakes:

"Tell your subscribers that they can get $10 off any single volume of Digital Hotcakes when they call in and ask for discount."

So there you have it - just call them when you decided which one(s) you want and ask for the WorshipMax discount.

Digital Hotcakes worship loops

Following is my review from the 06-29-04 newsletter:

>>>Digital Hotcakes: I just found out about a cool new worship resource company that has awesome video backgrounds! Digital Hotcakes has produced 5 volumes with lighting, clouds, fire and water effects, plus a countdown collection. (Like I've said before, this countdown thing is the latest worship "fad" and I love it!)

Each company has their own niche: WorshipFilms seems to specialize in actual nature footage, whereas Digital Hotcakes has images that appear to be computer generated. Not cheesy digital images, either - really sharp 3D graphics that look stunningly real (and show up really great on our screens.)

I'm crazy about this stuff - it's so easy to add pizzazz to your service nowadays if you have video. I used 2 Digital Hotcakes images last week in worship and think that our video ambiance was the best it's ever looked.

Each Digital Hotcakes volume is cleverly configured - it can play in a DVD, or you can put a video mpg file in your worship projection software. Each video background loop also comes as a still image.

I took a still image, "FireSky" from Vol. 4 River of Fire. I used this still as a background to our song lyrics. All during the music, we also simultaneously ran the "FireSky" in a continual loop on the DVD player. When we'd finish a song, we'd dissolve into the DVD looping image. We'd also leave the DVD looping image up during announcements & etc.

I also added our logo to a "FireSky" still and cross-faded it with the DVD looping image. It looked like our church logo was hovering in the sky with clouds swirling around it. Awesome!

For the final song last Sunday, Mitch sang "If We Are the Body" by Casting Crowns and I used the Digital Hotcakes moving texture "RainbowRock" from Vol. 1 enLighten. It added an abstract visual accompaniment that enhanced the song perfectly.

Take a look at their website, click on the still images and watch mini video previews of the cool animations. I highly recommend these videos and will be using them weekly!


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