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Download 12 patriotic images from ChristianMedia.org in this zip file:

patriotic images .ZIP - 3830 KB

Following is a Christian Media patriotic resources review from the 06/15/04 issue of WorshipIdeas:

Visit their website for all kinds of graphics and video clips.

>"Patriotic Music Video Collection" is a video collection with 3 patriotic music videos (great for an offertory or prelude) and 3 patriotic videos with no sound. Each clip is 3-4 minutes. I'll be using some of the footage for prelude and postlude ambiance. Clips include scenes of Americana, monuments, American flags, the Statue of Liberty and other patriotic footage.

I really like this type of video because it's so flexible - generic patriotic images dissolve in and out. This DVD would be handy to play if you're recognizing military personnel for any patriotic service, or during a special choir anthem or solo.

These images are offered in several formats - DVD or mpg clips you can pop into your worship projection software.

Since decent footage like this is hard to find, I'd suggest becoming a member if your church observes patriotic holidays. Membership is $149.00 per year, you receive the "Patriotic Music Video Collection" on DVD, plus you receive discounts on other products.

>"Patriotic Super Collection" is a CD-ROM with every patriotic and military image you'll ever need: flags, monuments, memorials, Americana, fireworks, heritage, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy. 400 jpg images that can be used in any worship projection software.

[The zip file download above is from this collection.]

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