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Bolton Castle Backgrounds

I took lots of pictures on my recent UK trip. Here's some of the magnificent Bolton Castle where Mary, Queen of Scotts was imprisoned for 6 months. The castle was built in 1399!

I've added some effects and borders. Take your pick and use them for worship projection backgrounds. Wouldn't they look great as backgrounds for hymns like "A Mighty Fortress," "All Hail the Power," etc.

Right click a pic, then select something like "save as" to save the file to your hard drive. Each download is a zip that contains several versions of the picture. Unzip, then pop the pic in PowerPoint, EasyWorship or any other worship projection software.

Try using a different picture for each verse of a hymn. I made them to "flow" - I used the same distressed border for each pic for continuity.

How do you like? I have much more!

Download all of them at once [big 27meg file]

These cute little sheep were grazing [I guess sheep graze]
by the castle. Savior Like a Shepherd, anyone?

Also included with first and full downloads.

Download my Romsey Abbey backgrounds

Blog about the Bolton Castle pics:

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